SOS Method Stress and Anxiety
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SOS Method Stress and Anxiety
SOS Method Stress and Anxiety

SOS Method Stress and Anxiety

Trauma-Mental Health Self-Care

Developer: SOS Method Inc.
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Release Date: Jun 20, 2018
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Overcome life’s greatest obstacles, stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma, and access a remarkable dormant potential - in just minutes a day.

Did you know? Many of your mental and emotional struggles which keep you from living happy, fulfilled, and empowered are due to Generational Trauma.

SOSmethod is the only app designed to clear your Genetic Pain from the core where it exists.

By practicing just minutes a day, you can be happier, sleep better, and think clearer, so your ‘genetic garbage’ won’t take control of your life.

Generational Trauma is what you inherited from your ancestors. Not just your parents, but multiple generations.

Breakthrough epigenetic research proves this “ancestral trauma” lives inside your cells and plays a major role in how susceptible you are to problems like depression, addiction, mental illness, weight gain, and more.

Just imagine not being weighed down by stress or the dark cloud of depression overhead. You will feel optimistic and energised to live the life you want. SOSmethod unlocks your true potential to realise the dreams, relationships, and career you always wanted.

Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to follow, Discovery Programs, Mind Fitness Tools, and Dynamic Meditations. Unlike traditional meditation, there’s no need to sit in silence, no need to quiet the mind – there’s no effort needed at all!

Listen while going to sleep, in the car, at work – whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

SOSmethod is the result of over 25 years of research. It combines the best of what modern neuroscience and ancient holistic wisdom tell us about how our brains work, how our bodies work, and what needs to be done to activate our Genetic Promise, a dormant potential within.

Our evidenced based tools effectively activate your body’s code, your Genetic Promise™ of potential, to clear the mental, emotional, and physical obstacles keeping you from the life you deserve.

Download SOSmethod today to see how great life can be when you access the energy intelligence of your true potential with this groundbreaking method.
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Release Date: Jun 20, 2018
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: SOS Method Inc.