Buku Agama Hindu Kelas 10 K13
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Buku Agama Hindu Kelas 10 K13
Buku Agama Hindu Kelas 10 K13

Buku Agama Hindu Kelas 10 K13

Hindu Religion Student Book and Teachers Guide for Class 10 High School Curriculum 2013

Developer: Kurikulum Merdeka
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Release Date: Jan 26, 2024
Price: Free
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This Android application is a Student Book and Teacher's Guidebook for Hindu Religious Education and Character for High School Class 10 Curriculum 2013. In Pdf format.

The religious knowledge and morals that students learn will become a source of values ​​and drive their behavior, both for themselves, their families and society.

For example, among the moral values ​​in Hinduism there are known as Tri Marga (devotion to Sang Hyang Widhi, parents and teachers; karma, working as well as possible to present to others and Sang Hyang Widhi; jnana, seeking as much knowledge as possible). - plenty for life provisions and life guidance), and Tri Warga (dharma, acting based on truth; artha, fulfilling possessions to live based on truth, and kama, fulfilling desires in accordance with applicable norms).

In the formation of character, the learning process leads students from knowledge of dharma to a commitment or satya towards goodness, finally actually practicing goodness, so that good behavior and noble morals become a habit of life. This Hindu Religion and Character Education book was written with a moral responsibility to lead students towards a life and existence full of prosperity, shade and peace (lokhasamgraham).

The learning process is outlined in the realm of observing activities; ask, explore, associate and communicate. Core Competencies (KI) and basic Competencies (KD) in religious activities that educators must carry out with students in an effort to understand their religious knowledge and actualize it into real actions and daily attitudes, both in the form of ritual worship and social worship, understanding concepts, and application of the concept of religious knowledge.

As the first edition, this book is very open to continued improvements and improvements. Therefore, we invite readers to provide criticism, suggestions and input for improvements and improvements in the next edition. For that contribution, we thank you.

Hopefully we can provide the best for the progress of the world of education, especially Hindu religious education in order to prepare the generation for 100 years of Independent Indonesia in 2045.

Hopefully this application can be useful and become a loyal friend in the teaching and learning process at all times.

Please give us reviews and input for the development of this application, give us a 5 star rating to encourage us to develop other useful applications.

Have a good study.
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