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We shuffled up some pix. Can you unscramble them

App Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Mar 1, 2016
Price: Free
15 Ratings
Varies With Device

Our pix got all sliced up and shuffled around! Can you unscramble them? Just sit back, relax, and slide those picture columns back into place. Want even more challenge? Go ahead and outdo our best times, beat our best moves, and unscramble the pictures perfectly with no mistakes for trophies and glory!

* We've got easy levels. We've got hard levels. We've got a bunch of in-between levels, too. Oh, and we've got Master levels. Can you be a master Pixic player?
* There are hundreds of levels for you to unscramble. And we've got more on the way!
* Stuck on a level? Skip to another one. We won't stop you. You can play levels in any order.
* We get it. Sometimes, you just need a hint. We'll give you a hint, but it'll cost you in time and moves. But hey, some people just aren't into those things, so hint away!
* The wait for food was faster than you expected? Pixic saves your level in progress. Grab your burger, and resume at the same spot later on. Try not to get your screen too greasy!
* Bumpy car ride? Too much effort to swipe your finger across the whole screen? Turn on Precision Input mode in the Options menu, and you can slide away without ever covering up the mixed up pix.

Note: Pixic levels are accessed using "Plays" which are rewarded by watching video ads. Or, in exchange for an in-app purchase, we'll give you Unlimited Plays, Unlimited Hints, and Multiple User Profiles that make it easy to let someone else play Pixic on your device without them messing up your own progress.

Web: http://pixicgame.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/PixicGame
Facebook: http://facebook.com/pixicgame
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Pixic 1.1.0 Update
2016-05-19 Version History
30 all new levels made by our awesome artist friend Raymond Bingham. We had him over for lunch a while back and showed off Pixic. He demanded a computer and made us a new level right there on the spot. Days later, he sent us more levels (surprise!). In the following weeks, he sent many, many more levels (double and triple and quadruple surprise!). For this update, we added the first of a half dozen or so level packs from Ray. It's amazing what he can do with just a few squares of color!

~EverRush Entertainment
More Information about: Pixic
Price: Free
Version: 1.1.0
Downloads: 122
Compatibility: Android 2.3
Bundle Id: com.everrush.pixic
Size: Varies With Device
Last Update: 2016-05-19
Content Rating: Everyone
Release Date: Mar 1, 2016
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: EverRush Entertainment