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The ministry of healing

The Ministry of Healing introduce us to the simplicity of God39s messages This app was developed by Blue Programing, last update on Dec 18, 2017, it has been downloaded more than 1000

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The ministry of healing introduces us to the simplicity of God's messages in his word and offers helpful advice to heal any problem whether physical or spiritual.
Prepare for a healthy and pure life thanks to The Ministry of Healing The Ministry of Healing will serve you both if you want to learn physical and mental health and learn to heal others of the different diseases that harass the human being. Heal all your troubles thanks to the counsel and the Word of God. Discover in this work the root and cause of all the sufferings, and how to cure and prevent them. The ministry of healing will teach you how to use the natural remedies Jesus has placed at our service

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The ministry of healing
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