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Studio Wasabis games come together and become an app You can enjoy the Evil Wolf Game and Eve Plan in this app.

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Release Date: May 23, 2018
Price: Free
8,814 Ratings

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■■■Wasabi game is? ■■■
・All games of Studio Wasabi are concentrated in one app!
・Now, you can enjoy the entire contents of "Evil Wolf Game" and "Eve Plan"!
・Studio Wasabi's new work, the old work will also enter the Wasabi game in the future!

■■New function ■■
・Imported mustard currency system. You can buy additional items at a more free and reasonable price.
・Data inheritance function, game data and purchased game content can be inherited on new mobile phones!

■■■About the wolf game ■■■
The previous work of 450,000 DL breakthrough, the new work after the evolution of "lie game"!

Suddenly, 12 men and women were gathered in a mysterious building.
Everyone was involved in a mystery game called "The Wolf Game."
Everyone will be there, by drawing cards, to get the identity of wolves and sheep.
The person who draws the wolf card must kill a person who has drawn the sheep card to survive.
In order to escape from here, the horror game of life and death has begun.
Can you safely find the "wolf" to escape from here?
And what is the truth about the "wolf game"?

Everything will be revealed at the end of the game.

■■■About Eve Plan ■■■
The character that appears in the wolf game is a story that is active in a different world from the wolf game!

An explosion turned the city into ruins, and the puzzles continued to increase.
As the story progresses, players will discover more puzzles and encounter sudden and exciting plots!
Let's go through the hardships with the companions and find out the truth!

The time to test your courage and wisdom is coming...!

■■[To the game live UP main] ■■
All the free content in "Evil Wolf Game" and "Eve Plan" are welcome to live and explain! We will be very happy!
We will watch the video together and we will have a good time together m(_ _)m

Also welcome everyone to make a second creation!
It is also OK to create a new second story based on these characters!

※Some players may be afraid or uncomfortable with some performances in the game. Please choose carefully for players who are uncomfortable with such performances.
※All the contents of this game are fictitious, and the characters and groups that appear on the scene have nothing to do with the real world.

■■[Effects and music materials are provided] ■■
ポケットサウンド 様
Effect sound ラボ
びたちー素材馆 様
Effect sound dictionary 様
Effect sound g 様
ひふみセオリー 様
Effect sound フリー material: ジーソザイ 様
かずち 様
まんぼう まんぼう 兵 様
ISAo. 様
Soundorbis 様
チョコミント 様
こっけ(西本康佑) 様
Yuli 様
MFP [Marron Fields Production] 様
Arai wise 様
志多つかさ 様
Haruichi 様
Eagle tail (タカオマサキ) 様
Manuscript House
スエノブ 様
たまねぎ 様
Kyaai 様
Yuno 様
Ilodolly 様
こおろぎ 様
Keido Honda 様

■■[Special thanks!!]■■
シャル 様
カニパン 様
Riyuta 様

Thank you very much for your support.
Thank you for your support m(_ _)m

※The game content may make some players feel uncomfortable. Players who are not good at this type of game must pay attention.
※ The content of this game is fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental. The characters on the scene have nothing to do with reality.
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More Information about: Wasabi遊戲
Price: Free
Version: 3.01.17
Downloads: 100000
Compatibility: Android 4.4
Bundle Id: com.wasabi.okami.tc
Last Update: May 23, 2018
Content Rating: Teen
Release Date: May 23, 2018
Content Rating: Teen