Tofy Baby Sleep  White Noise
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Tofy Baby Sleep White Noise
Tofy Baby Sleep  White Noise

Tofy Baby Sleep White Noise

Developer: Salix
App Size: 267.76 MB
Release Date: 2022-01-31
Price: Free
267.76 MB

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Perfect baby sleep is only a few taps away. Meet Tofy, your cutest helper and your baby’s best friend!

Find favorite sounds, lullabies, or bedtime stories for your baby. Soothe your little one to sleep in the fastest way! Each baby has a sweet spot that allows them to sleep immediately. With Tofy, sleep time won’t be a long and tiring task to do, but a happy moment to relax, unwind and enjoy!

Tofy is perfect for babies between 0 and 1 years old. The best melodies and sounds selected by experts are here. Choose a variety of beautiful noises, bedtime stories, and lullabies which your baby will need and love.

Whenever you need to calm your baby, Tofy is your ultimate helper anytime and anywhere. Feel the comfort of sleeping your baby peacefully with this all-in-one app!

Why Bedtime Stories Of Tofy Are Great?

From mystical jungles to magic carpet rides or castles hung in the sky, Tofy offers a variety of kids’ bedtime stories that will fill your baby’s dreamland. But it doesn’t stop there: with the meditative qualities these stories offer, your baby will calm down, unwind, and fall asleep in minutes.

Different Sounds For The Taste Of Different Babies!

Have you ever discovered different sounds your baby loves? Each baby has a different taste for music and sounds! Tofy has a selection of nature sounds like the falling rain, a crackling fire, or a running stream. You can even find special noises from a long car ride, the vacuum cleaner, or a hairdryer for babies that require something just a bit different!

Discover The Amazing Benefits Of Noises

You may be asking how colored noises even work, but bear with Tofy: According to all the latest research, certain noise frequencies can help your baby to sleep better. The noises labeled as colors remind babies of the safest place on earth – the womb! Since they spent a lot of time there, remind them of the safe feeling they miss!

Analyze The Sound & Sleep Quality Of Your Baby

Babies express their discomfort by crying, there might be a few reasons such as; feeling hungry, sleepless, or tired. Do you know why your baby cries? Tofy will help you to find the reason behind your baby’s need. Record the sound of your baby for 5-10 seconds. Tofy will analyze and show you similar crying sounds that babies make when they have a specific need.

Wouldn’t you like to check exactly how well your baby rests? Tofy also tracks the sleep quality of your baby. With a mini test! You can see if your little one has trouble resting and the reasons why this might be.

Read The Best Advice For Baby Related Questions

Tofy is ready to assist you with little tips and tricks for easier baby care! But wait, these tips are not just anything ordinary; they are tried and tested, and all customized for you.

Benefits Of Melodies And Sounds For Babies:

-Better Sleep Quality
-Intelligence Development
-Increased Attention
-Developing Positive Emotions
-Social Understanding
-Hearing Acuity

Why You Should Try Tofy:

-Tofy has a neatly-picked selection of bedtime stories that offer small meditation parts in them, which will offer your baby the type of peaceful and uninterrupted sleep you wish for.
-Tofy has stories, lullabies, noises, and sounds created especially for baby sleep. When one option doesn't work, you can try different options and find something new every time!
-Tofy is perfect for babies between 0 and 1 years old. If you have a newborn or infant, you can try this app to create the calm feeling your baby wishes for.
-Beyond sounds, Tofy is a great replacement and digital version of baby books, lullabies, or meditation for kids.

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Tofy Baby Sleep White Noise 1.3.4 Update
2022-03-11 Version History
Minor bug fixes

More Information about: Tofy Baby Sleep White Noise
Price: Free
Version: 1.3.4
Compatibility: Requires 11.0 or later
Bundle Id: com.salix.tofy
Size: 267.76 MB
Release Date: 2022-01-31
Last Update: 2022-03-11
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Salix
Language: EN - DE - RU - TR -
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