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Pipeline Angle Finder
Pipeline Angle Finder

Pipeline Angle Finder

Developer: S Fidge
App Size: 9.06 MB
Release Date: 2015-11-13
Price: 1,99 €
1,99 €
9.06 MB

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Pipeline Angle Finder lets you measure compound angles anywhere, so you can accurately measure pipeline bends and measure pipeline joints where they are found and in any orientation - either in the trench, in the air or on the ground.

How to use Pipeline Angle Finder:
Position phone, press START, move your phone, then press STOP. Pipeline Angle Finder measures changes in phone orientation as your phone moves. Pipeline Angle Finder also calculates both the vertical and horizontal components of the compound angle - so you can see changes in heading and grade immediately.

Use Pipeline Angle Finder to:
- check installed pipeline joints are within angular deflection tolerances. Out of tolerance pipe joints means leaky pipelines - expensive!
- check delivered pipeline bends and fittings are fabricated to the bend angles detailed on the bend fabrication shop drawings.
- measure angle of any bend, joint or connection that has been installed.
- measure angles right off the plans (like a digital protractor).

Replace your expensive angle measure tools. Pipeline Angle Finder eliminates the need for angle tools such as a digital angle finder, digital angle rule, digital angle measure, digital angle guage, digital angle measurer, digital angle meter, digital smart level, digital angle ruler, digital angle level and digital mitre finder.

Pipeline Angle Finder was initially developed as a convenient angle tool to use during pipeline construction, particularly around jointing Quality Assurance, but any construction or design trade would benefit from quick and accurate angle measurement.

Pipeline Angle Finder is the only digital angle tool you'll ever need.

Learn more at PipeAngle.com
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Pipeline Angle Finder 1.3.4 Update
2022-06-09 Version History
Minor bug fix

~S Fidge
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Price: 1,99 €
Version: 1.3.4
Compatibility: Requires 12.0 or later
Bundle Id: au.com.civilapps.Bender
Size: 9.06 MB
Release Date: 2015-11-13
Last Update: 2022-06-09
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: S Fidge
Language: EN - ZH -
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