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Sleeping with your smartphone

Developer: GIZIN Inc.
App Size: 188.8 MB
Release Date: Aug 3, 2022
Price: FREE
188.8 MB

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This app is a sleep app that is dedicated to "improving the painful time when you cannot fall asleep right after you go to bed.

Recommended for people like this.
・ It is most calm when you are touching your smartphone.
・ When I let go of my smartphone, I feel sick and uncomfortable.
・ I can't let go of my smartphone when I go to bed.
・ If you fall asleep while watching a video or playing a game, you will have an unpleasant dream and you will not be able to wake up.

If it takes a long time to fall asleep after going to bed, there is nothing else to do in the dark, and the bad things and negative thoughts that happened that day tend to go around in my head.

If you continue to feel this discomfort every time you go to bed, you will feel depressed as you approach the time to go to bed every night. Gradually, you don't want to sleep and a vicious cycle begins in which you sleep even shorter.

Have you tried different methods with these concerns?

Did you try to listen to relaxing music before going to bed? It was good at first, but maybe I got used to it and got back to normal.
Did you expect to get a good night's sleep by tracking your sleep and collecting data? Were you able to utilize the collected data?
Did you know that the light on your smartphone can have a negative effect on your sleep? Still, are you lying in bed looking at your smartphone?

This app has developed a "simple game" that allows you to lie down on the bed and play in order to eliminate the "painful time when you cannot sleep immediately after going to bed".
Let's sleep while touching the smartphone from tonight.

Have you ever felt that playing a game relieves your anxiety and suffering? This application uses games to reduce the pain of having difficulty sleeping. When you fall asleep, your brain tends to have a negative imagination because you close your eyes in the dark and do nothing else, but by focusing on the game, you can get rid of negative thoughts from your head.

However, you cannot perform very complex operations before you fall asleep. The body preparing to fall asleep is sensitive to external stimuli and wakes up quickly. As a result of repeated research, we have realized the optimum operation of the game before falling asleep by making the operation method to proceed with the game very simple while suppressing loose music and sound effects.

In addition, you will never get bored with more than 9 million combinations of music, sound effects, solfege frequencies that are said to have healing effects, and the world view that includes them. Thinking about which world to sleep in today makes it fun to sleep.

Outline of function

・ Touch the screen to make a stroke.
Simple gameplay and operability that pushes negative thoughts out of your head and invites you to sleep. When you hear the sound you are observing, stroke the screen with your finger. A sound will be heard to inform you that you have observed, and the number of observations will increase.

・ Improves sleep onset latency.
The time from bedtime to sleep onset is recorded as "sleep onset latency". Specializing in sleep onset latency improvement, this app emphasizes sleep onset latency improvement in addition to increasing the number of observations.

・ Relax while listening to music.
A music box-like pico-pico sound reminiscent of the 8-bit sound of retro game music. A profound and delicate beautiful piano sound. Or, immerse yourself in the environmental sounds of nature's blessings and look for various observation targets.

Finding frogs in the river, dolphins in the ocean, cats in my grandfather's house, seagulls in the ocean at sunset, and owls in the woods at night are fun. Further customization makes you feel like you're the king of Africa looking for an elephant on the ranch. Or you can find a rare panda that appears when it suddenly rains. Feel free to design romantic situations, such as looking for a white horse to pick you up on the beach.
Enjoy falling asleep tonight.
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Touch Sleep 1.1 Update
Aug 3, 2022 Version History
Fixed problems with sound playback

More Information about: Touch Sleep
Price: FREE
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: Requires Requires iOS 11 or later
Bundle Id:
Size: 188.8 MB
Genre: Medical
Release Date: Aug 3, 2022
Last Update: Aug 3, 2022
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: GIZIN Inc.
Language: English - Japanese -
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