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PhonicsTutor® Phonograms

Developer: David Hickerson
App Size: 37.3 MB
Release Date: 6 मार्च 2020
Price: FREE
37.3 MB

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Knowing the phonograms of English orthography will improve almost everyone’s ability to read and spell. English orthography divides words into a sequence of phonograms of 1-4 letters. Knowing the common phonograms of English allows readers to perceive words as a sequence of phonograms. Knowing the usual phonetic value of a phonogram plus its other possible phonetic values provide the most likely pronunciation and other alternate pronunciations of a word. After mastering the sounds that phonograms say, readers can recognize new words they encounter in print from their oral recognition vocabulary. Equally important, readers will know when to look up the pronunciation in a dictionary. Learning phonograms in order of usage will maximize your reading and spelling ability for time spent.  
App Features:
• No more lost flashcards! The app functions as a set of phonogram flashcards, including audio pronunciation and examples so students can learn even without a tutor to pronounce the phonemes i.e., distinguishing sounds sample words on each card.
• An optimum set of phonograms based on their reliability and frequency of use.
• All phonograms treated consistently by giving the spelling-to-sound relationships
• 106 Flashcards with 182 spelling-to-sound correspondences, which include:
- 82 phonograms that represent a set of common phonemes
- Consistent treatment of 10 r-controlled vowels
- The past tense ending "ed"
- The syllable "le"
- All phonetic values of six phonograms that divide between syllables, such as, e•a in the words are•a, re•act, and cre•ate
- Three spelling patterns, such as "qu" with phonetic values /kw/ and /k/
- 2 four-letter phonograms "augh" and "ough" that are vowel-consonant combinations
• Teaches phonograms in order of usage and importance
• Because we teach the General American dialect, we teach all phonetic values of r-controlled vowels with the r sound
• Includes sample words that demonstrate the sound each phonogram makes
• A button allows students to change between IPA and enPR/AHD phonetic transcription of words and phonemes
• It displays phonemes as IPA or enPR/AHD as it pronounces them. So that when you encounter new words, you can read the phonetic transcription provided by the original text or look it up in the dictionary rather than rely on unreliable text-to-speech simulators
• The App sounds out each word by making bold each phonogram while saying the phoneme     
• It pronounces phonemes using the “sound-it-out” pronunciation used by many phonics instruction methods throughout the world. The “sound it out” method is the best way to teach phonemes to beginning readers because the sound or syllable that is spoken identifies the phoneme and models its usage so the student can remember and recite the spelling-to-sound correspondences for each phonogram
• Context-sensitive help button instructs what to do next to see the phonemes and sample words for each phonogram
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PhonicsTutor® Phonograms 2.0 Update
6 मार्च 2020 Version History
• Updated for latest iOS• Remove duplicate phonogram choice

~David Hickerson
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Price: FREE
Version: 2.0
Compatibility: Requires iOS 13 or later
Bundle Id: com.HickersonEducation.PhonicsTutorPhonograms
Size: 37.3 MB
Genre: Education
Release Date: 6 मार्च 2020
Last Update: 6 मार्च 2020
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: David Hickerson
Language: अंग्रेज़ी -
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