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Analyze, store, manage and compile data using ATLAS Student Diary app offering enhanced ways of student management in the institutes. It provides a technologically advanced solution with AI-based analysis reports, Email/SMS notifications, BI tools, and a cloud-based platform. The system is highly secure and easy to use for all the students, parents, and faculty members of the institute.
ATLAS Student Diary software is a complete solution for managing regular activities of the institute such as attendance management, student tracking, performance tracking, data storage, and learning management. It schedules classes, gives real-time notifications and updates, as well as maintains a complete profile of the students and teachers.
The data is stored chronologically in the system which makes it easy for the faculty members to store, search, retrieve and update the information in just over a few clicks. It can be linked to the biometric attendance device to collect and out the time of the teachers and students in the institute.
The students can check their results, fees status, and other information in the system. Further, faculty members can apply for leaves, maintain the service book, mark students’ attendance, and collect pay slips on the application itself.

Features of ATLAS Student Diary
Automation of Tasks- The application automates all the tasks that need to be carried out manually. The system stores data automatically with unlimited student entries and compiles them in required formats, reports, and processes.
High Security- The app is highly secure with a cloud-based platform for data storage. It offers easy accessibility and data encryption and ensures safe data backup options to the users in case of emergencies. It offers role-based access to the users based on their responsibilities in the institute.
24/7 Support- The app can be accessed by students and teachers even on their days off. They can have access to live notifications, updates, and urgent information just over an SMS or email notification on the app. It can be viewed and used at any time just using login credentials.
Easy Report Generation- The student diary app enables easy report generation in all the required formats such as doc, PDF, and word. All the data is stored under one platform which makes it easier for the faculty members to access and generate required reports.
Attendance Management System- The app helps attendance management at the institute by automatically taking attendance information from the biometric system or even helping the teacher to mark manual attendance in the class.
How does ATLAS Student Diary Work?
· The app tracks the students for their attendance, performance, and behavior in the institute
· The data is stored in a safe place that can be searched and retrieved easily.
· It stores student profile information as well as employee information.
· It enables the faculty members to apply for leaves and check their in-out timings.
· The system generates reports for the faculty members in all formats
· It sends real-time notifications to the students regarding the scheduling of classes and other information
· The app automates tasks and offers security to the users.

Benefits of Using the RCPIT Student Diary App for the Institutes
Saves Cost of Operations- The app helps the institute to automate all the tasks of maintaining and managing huge amounts of student data along with searching and processing. This eliminates the requirement of files, documents, and large manpower, saving operational costs for the institute.
Reduces Faculty Workload- The app conducts all the monotonous operations in the institute and the faculty members only have to ensure smooth functioning and monitoring of the system.
Reduces Paper Work- The system conducts all the activities online without any need for paperwork or files to store huge amounts of student data, hence reducing paperwork for the faculty members.
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SD ATLAS 2.2 Update
Dec 5, 2023 Version History
Bug Fixing and New Enhancement on QR Code Attendance

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