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ESE Vocabulary Practice
ESE Vocabulary  Practice

ESE Vocabulary Practice

Word practice tests answers

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Release Date: 2023-06-05
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45.5 MB

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This app is only for the Indian students.

This is an English vocabulary word learning and practice test app for the Engineering Services examination (ESE) (India).

You can learn 1,000+ words and answer 10,000+ exercise questions using this app.

Do you think 1000 vocabulary words for ESE is just enough for you? We doubt it. Some students use ESE word of the day to learn a few words everyday but you need a more powerful ESE words list.

How this ESE vocab list can help you:
(1) You will get the most common ESE words and hard ESE words in one single app. You do not need to be a vocabulary genius for your exam but you surely need to know the essential words for the ESE.
(2) We do not offer ESE vocabulary flashcards and ESE root words but you already know we offer many ESE vocabulary practice tests. So, you get your necessary ESE vocabulary quizlet from this app.
(3) Once you finish learning these ESE vocabulary words, you will feel more confident than ever before.
(4) How many ESE vocab words do you need for your exam? We suggest you learn the complete ESE vocabulary list from this app and you will be good to go.
(5) Research has shown that you need to understand at least 98% of the words you read to understand what you are reading. If you improve your vocabulary skills, it will not only help you in this exam, it will also help you in future academic and professional life.
(6) With the help of a better vocabulary skill, you can think deeply, express better in your exam and read more.
(7) You will be able to say and write exactly what you mean. Thus, your verbal and writing skills will surely improve.
(8) We usually do not use our conversational language when we write. We use a better language in our formal writings. A richer vocabulary is necessary for this purpose.
(9) As your communication skills will improve, the chance of being more successful in your academic and professional life will increase.
(10) This app will increase your skills in four areas - (a) Reading (b) Listening (c) Speaking and (d) Writing.
(10) (a) Reading - Reading is nothing but understanding. If you know the meaning of all words in the text, you do not need to open the dictionary to process and understand the context of the text. With the help of a robust vocabulary, you can shift from "learning to read" to "reading to learn".
(10) (b) Listening - You are listening to something and do not understand the meaning of several words. You will no way understand the full meaning of what you are listening to but good vocabulary can ensure you understand new complex concepts and ideas when delivered.
(10) (c) Speaking - Whether English is your first language or second language, you cannot talk or express your meaningful thoughts and ideas in an effective way with the help of poor vocabulary skills. A strong vocabulary foundation can surely help you for this purpose.
(10) (d) Writing - If you know a lot of words, you will be able to select the proper words in your writings. A poor vocabulary skill will only lead to compromising the quality of your writings. Not knowing the proper words will just lead to frustration.

Learn 1000 ESE words from our app and use these techniques for more benefits:
(1) Write every newly learned word in a sentence
(2) Take as many vocabulary quizzes as possible
(3) Try to use new vocabulary words when you are speaking with others
(4) Write down new English words you learn and then read them from time to time
(5) Write something everyday and use new words in your text
(6) Visualize the meaning of the new word
(7) Try to find out the new synonyms and antonyms of the new words you learn
(8) The more you read from this app, the strong your word power becomes
(9) Use a dictionary whenever you need to

What are you waiting for? Install this app now for ESE vocabulary words 2023 version. Learn and check your English vocabulary for ESE within the next 5 minutes.

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