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Empire Fantasy

Developer: 郑杰 石
App Size: 1.57 GB
Release Date: 2023-01-20
Price: $0.99
1.57 GB

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Game overview: Players can unite the three continents and build the strongest team by exploring the world of the three countries, collecting characters with various abilities!
Battlefield play method: place combat organizations on the battlefield to resist each wave of enemy attack. Click the general to release skills. Drag the main general's strategy to take his place
System play method: adjust the strongest team most suitable for each level. Select and strengthen different talents for different characters. Challenge different battlefields to maximize benefits
Talent cultivation system: The mobility design of talent can enable each organization to obtain random super abilities! Each small soldier and prop soldier can brush out different kinds of talents, and dropping the whole card of assistant general can obtain assistant general of different kinds of talents. The main general can continuously strengthen and upgrade the talents. Currently, the battlefield is open:
Plot level map: adventure epic story plot level, experience the thrill of stimulating war operation
Treasure Hunter: plunder the treasure guarded by the super team and embark on the journey of hunter ranking
Divine General Peak: Pass the individual level of different characters and obtain the awakening of their unique talents
Thousand layer Tower: The ultimate military officers of the gods on each tower are waiting for your challenge
Version: 1.0
Version information: 1. Open the story level to 100 levels. 2. Open the player level to 50 levels.

Background: A long time ago, there were only two races on the planet - the Terran and the Demon. The Terran, favored by God, lived on the sunny continent and enjoyed the inexhaustible light and resources; The Demon Clan was rejected by God. They lived in the dark Demon World. They were short of resources and even killed each other to survive.
By chance, a Demon family discovered the existence of the mainland through the cracks in time and space. That continent is so beautiful, with inexhaustible food and sunshine; Finally, the matter reached the ears of the top ruler of the Devil Kingdom, the ten Devil Kings. The ten Devil Kings expanded the space-time gap with powerful magic, and the whole Demon family poured out——
The mainland, caught in the flames of war, became the lamb of the Demons.
Human beings are too weak. Although they are numerous, they have no lack of courage, and they organize uprisings again and again to try to overthrow the rule of the Demons, they are no different from the ants in front of the powerful Demons. The uprisings are suppressed again and again, and their hopes are punctured again and again like balloons.
One day, human beings will forget their past glory, and they will forget that they were the masters of this continent. Not only the Demons, but even the strongest human beings begin to doubt the future of their own race.
But all of this, after the arrival of "it", ushered in a turnaround.
"It" fell from the sky and was picked up by an unnamed human teenager. At first, the teenager thought it was just a strange looking piece of junk iron, which he picked up and sold at home, but unexpectedly, "it" talked to him. It said it was called "robot". With the help of "robot", he developed an unknown and destructive kung fu "martial arts", which created a black robot cavalry, With its help, the boy killed six Demons and expelled the Demons from the mainland.
Humans celebrate the eventual capture of this continent, and teenagers are elected to be the king of this continent.
Robots also teach people characters and science and technology. Under the leadership of robots, human strength is becoming more and more powerful. The teenagers named the mainland "Han" with characters, which is known as the Han Dynasty in history; The robot gave the boy the first name on the mainland - Liu Bang.
Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty - Liu Bang.
It named itself Sima Yi.
Then, three thousand years passed
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Empire Fantasy 1.0.1 Update
2023-01-19 Version History
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~郑杰 石
More Information about: Empire Fantasy
Price: $0.99
Version: 1.0.1
Compatibility: Requires 9.0 or later
Bundle Id: com.shizhengjie.sanguo
Size: 1.57 GB
Release Date: 2023-01-20
Last Update: 2023-01-19
Content Rating: 9+
Developer: 郑杰 石
Language: EN - JA - ZH - ZH -
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