Shipping Work Calculator
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Shipping Work Calculator
Shipping Work Calculator

Shipping Work Calculator

Developer: Takao Ichimura
App Size: 13.29 MB
Release Date: 2022-02-15
Price: 무료
13.29 MB

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"Shipping Work Calculator" is an app that is useful for shipping work.
Just calculate the total qty of products to ship, the number of boxes and the remainder will be calculated.

(How to use)
1) Check Qty per Box. The default is 24. If you would like to change it, tap the number. Then, a frame showing the changeable state will be attached to the display part, so enter a new number and tap again to erase the frame of the display part and the change is completed.

2) Enter Total Qty of products to to ship. If you enter it, Number of Boxes and Remainder are calculated at the same time.

For example, if you want to enter 2500, operate the keys
[AC] [2] [5] [00] [=], (2500 + 0 = 2500).
If the number of boxes is 24, the Number of Boxes is 104 and the Remainder is 4.

If you want to enter Total Qty of products shipped 250 pieces a day for 5 days, operate the keys
[AC] [2] [5] [0] [x] [5] [=], (250 x 5 = 1250), to enter 1250 of Total Qty.
If the number of boxes is 15, the Number of Boxes is 83 and the Remainder is 5.

- Operations such as four arithmetic calculations are the same as real general calculators (Compliant with calculator of company C). See the next page for calculation examples.
- It is easy to calculate by changing one of the input values ​​after calculation. Tap the value you want to change, enter a new value, and tap [=] to complete the calculation.
- Instead of tapping [=], you can tap the Total Qty display part, Number of Boxes display part, or Remainder display part.
- Swipe the display while typing to clear the rightmost number. (Excluding Number of Boxes display part)
- Call the calculation history with [▼ older]. If you keep tapping, the old history will be recalled, if you go too far, you can return it with [▲ newer], and double tap it to return to the latest calculation history.
- When you quit this app, all calculation history will be deleted.
- The developer assumes no responsibility for any loss or claims by third parties which may arise from the use of this app.

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Shipping Work Calculator
Ⓒ 2022 Takao Ichimura
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Shipping Work Calculator 1.0.1 Update
2022-02-23 Version History
Corrected the app name.

~Takao Ichimura
More Information about: Shipping Work Calculator
Price: 무료
Version: 1.0.1
Compatibility: Requires 12.0 or later
Bundle Id: com.tamagawa.shipping
Size: 13.29 MB
Release Date: 2022-02-15
Last Update: 2022-02-23
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Takao Ichimura
Language: EN - JA -
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