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Almanac Pro 2023
Almanac Pro 2023

Almanac Pro 2023

Developer: Mingli
App Size: 92.8 MB
Release Date: Dec 6, 2022
Price: FREE
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92.8 MB

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iPhone X
The Chinese almanac (Tong Shu) for 2023 for those interested in Feng Shui and wants to actively use the range of dates in daily life.
Does not contain hieroglyphs, all characteristics of days and hours can be read in the form of descriptions. All names (day managers, Sha and so on) are explained in the app. Choose a good day, find a favorable hour in it and plan an important business for this hour.

Features of the program:

- newAccess to Personal Calendar and Date Selection (available only for users who purchased Personal Calendar)
- Push notifications for notes with the ability to Turn On or Off
- Extended Qi Men for users who have paid on the site, extended descriptions
- Personal calendar
- Pros / cons icons (configurable in settings / "View")
- Hours Overview
- Description icons for each Day and Hour in the month
- The ability to include a Paired Rat Hour (the beginning of the day with the beginning of the hour of the Rat)
- Combined pros and cons for days and hours
- Flying stars of the day
- Hexagrams of pillars
- Data about the history of the change of the UTC (time zones) now do not depend on the version of the operating system
- Determine the time the phone goes to sleep
- Base cities with the ability to update the site to automatically determine the coordinates and UTC (now the database has about 60,000 cities)
- Calculation of Qi Men Dun Jia hour charts with Chai Bu / Zhi Run systems
- Ability to create notes and add them to your device's event calendar
- Sync notes between multiple devices and your website profile
- European date
- Jia Zi of every month, day and hour
- Element and period Da Gua of each month, day and hour
- Nayin of each pillar
- Direct and indirect collisions
- Sha of directions
- Symbolic stars of the day and hour
- Sha of time
- Jianchu – rulers of the day
- 28 Constellations
- Descriptions of hours
- Flying Stars of the year and month
- Lunar days (Chinese)
- Solar seasons change time
- Qi Men Dun Jia charts of all hours, days, months and year
- Evaluation of the structures of the Qi Men Dun Jia
- The display of the collision of the pillars of dates in the Qi Meng, da gua charts, the provisions of the annual and monthly fives
- Ability to calculate corrections for local solar time, variable hour branches (rubber hours) for any latitude and longitude.
- Calculations are based on NOAA (USA) algorithms. An example of the algorithm for calculating the variable branches of the hour for Moscow in 2012.
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Almanac Pro 2023 7.5.6 Update
Nov 20, 2023 Version History
fixed empty qimen chart view

More Information about: Almanac Pro 2023
Price: FREE
Version: 7.5.6
Compatibility: Requires Requires iOS 12 or later
Size: 92.8 MB
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: Dec 6, 2022
Last Update: Nov 20, 2023
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Mingli
Language: English - Russian -