Vengadores Bird  Angry
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Vengadores Bird Angry
Vengadores Bird  Angry

Vengadores Bird Angry

Puzzle Game Bird Angry jump

Developer: Breaknft
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Release Date: Nov 13, 2022
Price: Free

Angry jump is a casual yet very adventurous game in which the player uses a catapult to add some strength to his bird and shoot the obstacles on the other side to make them fall down from the platform and hit the ground. If an obstacle touches the ground, it will destroy it.
Main objectives:
- Kill them before the Bird Lives are empty.
- Using minimal birds would increase our number of Stars.
- Kill them all to go to the next level.
We can increase or decrease the power of the bird by stretching the catapult.
We have to use the angry birds to hit the monsters hard and knock them down to the ground.
It is an action adventure game where birds fly in summer, winter, through forest, desert and mountains. It's a great race to victory. And shoot everyone between us.
It is also a brain game where you have to use trees and other things.
Special features:
- There are different backgrounds and landscapes for a better experience.
- Many kinds of cartoons come to motivate the player.
- Many obstacles will get in the way of improving the graphics.
Avengers Bird Marvel Angry is a game for all game lovers where you use angry birds to take down monsters and make your cartoon free. A catapult is used to feed the birds. When we stretch the catapult the birds look like red balls which shows the power of these Angry Jump and by the clash of monsters and destroying birds. There are characters like ninjas, sweet girl, dinosaur, zombies and others to motivate the player. By hitting the monsters, they fall to their deaths. It also shows the strength between us. The battlefield becomes the group of different objects where you have to use your brain to solve the level.

So our goal is to free the monsters as it is our call of duty.
Enough description! Now download Avengers Bird Marvel Angry and enjoy this interesting world.
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Price: Free
Version: 9.8
Downloads: 50
Compatibility: Android 4.4
Bundle Id: avengers.birdmarvelangry.piggies
Last Update: Nov 13, 2022
Content Rating: Everyone
Release Date: Nov 13, 2022
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Breaknft