Call Theme Caller Screen App
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Call Theme Caller Screen App
Call Theme Caller Screen App

Call Theme Caller Screen App

Personalized your phone call screen themes and call flash light alert

Developer: Merryblue
App Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: May 13, 2024
Price: Free
Varies With Device

Tired of boring default incoming calls screens on your phone?

This color phone screen allows you to change the theme of your incoming call screen, giving it a more interesting look and feel with videos, photos that reflect your unique style and mood.

You can customize your incoming call screen with multiple engaging themes available in this color phone personal app or upload your favorite videos and pictures. Imagine that when your phone rings, the amazing stylist caller screen will make you stand out in the crowd.
Moreover, a special calling phone screen theme when a call comes in helps you recognize the most important call quickly when you have a lot of calls.

⭐Huge benefits of customize incoming call screen theme you must know:
Personalize your phone call screen beyond the theme standard options provided by your operating system
Makes the phone call screen feel more personal and unique
Make the incoming calls screen more visually appealing
Instead of a plain background or standard caller ID screen, users can choose colorful, animated backgrounds or even personal photos, which adds a fun element to receiving calls.
You can quickly identify important calls without needing to read the caller information
Setting a specific color themes or color for family members or important contacts can allow for immediate recognition.
Choosing a soothing background for calls or a vibrant theme can influence your mood whenever you receive a call.
You can also share your interesting color themes call screen on social networks or with your friends.
Use customized call screens as a way to express your personality or current mood to others
If you always receive a lot of calls, customize call screen will help you feel each call fresh and interesting
Customizing your call theme design gives you a personalized feel on your call screen

⭐ What you can get:
Customizable phone call screen themes
Upload any of your favorite videos or pictures to change your call screen
Variety of engaging themes are available for free in many different styles in this screen theme application
Change the theme of the incoming calls by video or pictures depending on your preferences
Choose videos, picture from gallery or camera to set it into the phone call screen
Preview call screen themes
Simple to use, user-friendly interface design
Call flashlight to remind you of all incoming calls, whether in a dark, silent environment or anywhere

⭐Getting free “color phone screen app” helps you to

1️⃣ Personalization & Creativity
Express your creativity through customization of different colors, effects, and screen color themes. Turn your phone into a vibrant, artistic phone through this screen theme app.
Choosing the color themes of the incoming calls to express your personality and preferences, screen according preferences making your device feel more 'you'.
In a sea of standard call screens, make your device stand out with this color phone personal

2️⃣ Efficient Call Identification
Assign specific themes or colors to contacts or groups, allowing for instant recognition of the caller without needing to read the screen with this color phone screen
With distinctive customizations, you can prioritize calls by their appearance, helping you decide at a glance whether to answer immediately or call back later.

3️⃣ Emotional Connection
The customized incoming call theme can also help create an emotional connection to your device, turning each call into a small moment of joy through color phone screen app
Choose color themes or animations that enhance your mood, create a sense of calm, or energize you, adding an emotional dimension to your call.

4️⃣ Avoiding Boredom
Various beautiful, dynamic and stylish caller screens available to beautify your incoming calls by screen theme application
With choosing a caller wallpaper match with set caller tune, when your cool ringtones, ringtone songs rang, everyone will look at you with admiration
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Price: Free
Version: 1.0.3
Downloads: 17
Compatibility: Android 10
Bundle Id:
Size: Varies With Device
Last Update: 2024-05-22
Content Rating: Everyone
Release Date: May 13, 2024
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Merryblue