Ninja Turtles Minecraft Mod
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Ninja Turtles Minecraft Mod
Ninja Turtles Minecraft Mod

Ninja Turtles Minecraft Mod

Pogrom of Mutants, Mod game Mutant Ninja Turtles legends Nickelodeon.

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Release Date: Jun 6, 2023
Price: Free

The legendary green team in the pixelated universe of Minecraft Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pogrom of Mutants.
In the new TNMT MCPE mod, Pogrom of Mutants, you can become a real ninja.
Fight the conqueror Krang, Shredder and his dark leg of the clan. The main characters of the Ninja Turtles modification TNMT MCPE, Pogrom of Mutants —
are four turtles trained by their ninja teacher Splinter.
Leonardo is the leader of the group, wields two craft katanas and is an expert swordsman. His high agility and acrobatic
skills allow him to easily move around the cube world of Minecraft PE.
Donatello is the mastermind of the group. He is a master inventor and engineer who has created many 3D weapons and gadgets,
which have become indispensable for the team.
Donnie wields Bo's staff, which he wields expertly in survival battles.
Michelangelo, for his part, is skilled with nunchucks and is an expert in the use of improvised weapons, transforming ordinary
items into powerful MCPE 3D weapons when needed.
Raphael wields two Sai Daggers, which he wields with devastating force during combat.
But now you have the opportunity to enjoy a new Minecraft Teenage Mutant Turtles game, Pogrom of Mutants specially created
for fans of Marvel and DC cartoons and comics. Go into an exciting shooter where the main characters are
Ninja Turtles. Immerse yourself in this incredible atmosphere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles slasher game and come alive
your favorite characters from the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the world of Minecraft.
Fight bosses and evil NPCs, defeat Shredder and his ninja clan, and become a true Marvel superhero.
The Minecraft Mutant Ninja Turtles addon offers you a variety of abilities and skills for each of the turtles,
exciting attack animations, and takes into account health and damage levels.
We invite you to this exciting world, where you can turn into real heroes and test yours
martial arts skills in dangerous adventures!
This TNMT MCPE mod offers exciting adventures, a large number of tasks and many interesting locations
for research. Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and use their unique skills and abilities,
to defeat criminals and save peace in the Minecraft world. Get ready for exciting battles,
danger and unforgettable adventures together with your favorite TNMT heroes!

DISCLAIMER: This app is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. Not an official Minecraft product.
The name, brand and assets are the property of Mojang AB or their authorized owner.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Downloads: 10
Compatibility: Android 5.1
Bundle Id: com.SvitanokStudio.Ninja
Last Update: Jun 6, 2023
Content Rating: Everyone
Release Date: Jun 6, 2023
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Svitanok Studio MCPE