Air Horn -DJ-Fart-Siren-Prank
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Air Horn -DJ-Fart-Siren-Prank
Air Horn -DJ-Fart-Siren-Prank

Air Horn -DJ-Fart-Siren-Prank

Attract everyones attention with the fun air horn, prank your friends

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Release Date: Nov 21, 2022
Price: Free

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Flip your phone in the siren sounds simulator and have fun with your friends! πŸ‘»

Get everyone's attention πŸ‘€, prank your friends πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ with funny Air Horn Sounds.

✨It Will Surprise You✨

🎺 Various realistic sound effects such as air horn, train, ship... and fart sound 🀣 will fool everyone.

⏱️ Timer & Loop air horn sounds: The countdown timer and sound will keep playing as long as you want.

πŸ”Š Loud Volume: Decibels are raised to make the air horn sound louder. You can also connect your phone to a loud sound system via Bluetooth. Now their voices are so strong πŸ”Š

πŸ“Œ Download and check the amazing Crazy Air Horn Sounds now!!!

You can surprise your friend at the most unexpected moment by standing by with the timer.

Make your life more fascinating than ever with Haircut prank, air horn and fart, the biggest prank app with hundreds of realistic and lively prank sound effects.

⭐ Air horn prank
Impress or prank your friends and family with this very loud air horn sound. This app contains many realistic air horn sounds that will fool everyone, such as train, ship, truck, car sounds, police sirens, fire trucks.

⭐ Fart sound and fart sound generator
Use apps to prank your friends and watch them go crazy for fun. Turn your phone into a fart sound machine and embarrass your friends with the fart sound timer or liven up your surroundings with fart symphonies.
Along with fart sounds and air horns, there are dozens of fun prank sounds. Glass breaking, car sounds and other scary sounds are examples.
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More Information about: Air Horn -DJ-Fart-Siren-Prank
Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Downloads: 1
Compatibility: Android 6.0
Bundle Id: com.airhorn.airhorncrazysiren
Last Update: Nov 21, 2022
Content Rating: Everyone
Release Date: Nov 21, 2022
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: StatLog Last Seen Inc.
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