Buku Kimia SMA Kelas 12
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Buku Kimia SMA Kelas 12
Buku Kimia SMA Kelas 12

Buku Kimia SMA Kelas 12

12th grade high school chemistry books for the latest high school - vocational - MA curriculum levels

Developer: Muhdi Studio
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Release Date: Feb 15, 2022
Price: Free
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Electronic School Books or BSE Chemistry class 12 for SMA / SMK / MA levels with the 2013 curriculum, the latest revised edition

This 12th grade high school class chemistry book application is a high school / vocational / MA level chemistry textbook for class 12 using the latest revised 2013 curriculum edition. This application can be used as an electronic learning tool for students and teachers for SMA / Madrasah Aliyah / SMK levels so that it can make it easier for high school students to study hard and increase the spirit of learning outside of school.

This Electronic School Book or BSE Chemistry class 12 2013 curriculum is a free book whose copyright is owned by the ministry of education and culture that can be distributed by the general public.

The materials discussed in the Chemistry book for class 12 SMA / SMK / MA are:

Chapter 1: Colligative Properties of Solutions
Chapter 1.1 : Solution Concentration
Chapter 1.2: Understanding the Colligative Properties of Solutions
Chapter 1.3 : Colligative Properties of Non-electrolyte Solutions
Chapter 1.4 : Colligative Properties of Electrolyte Solutions
Competency Test Chapter 1
Chapter 2: Redox Reactions, Electrochemistry, and Electrolysis
Chapter 2.1 : Redox Reaction
Chapter 2.2 : Electrochemical Cell
Chapter 2.3 : Electrolytic Cell
Competency Test Chapter 2
Chapter 3: Elemental Chemistry
Chapter 3.1 : Abundance of the Elements in Nature
Chapter 3.2 : Properties of the Elements
Chapter 3.3 : The Manufacture and Use of Some Metallic Elements and Their Compounds
Chapter 3.4 : The Preparation of Some Non-metallic Elements and Their Compounds
Chapter 3.5 : Radioactive
Competency Test Chapter 3
General Practice Semester 1
Chapter 4: Carbon Compounds
Chapter 4.1 : Functional Groups of Carbon Compounds
Competency Test Chapter 4
Chapter 5: Benzene and Macromolecules
Chapter 5.1 : Benzene
Chapter 5.2 : Polymer
Chapter 5.3 : Fat
Chapter 5.4 : Carbohydrates
Chapter 5.5 : Protein
Chapter 5 Competency Test
2nd Semester General Test

If friends are looking for subject books for Class 12 High School Chemistry Subjects, then immediately download this application right now.
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Buku Kimia SMA Kelas 12 1.0 Update
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Kimia SMA / SMK / MA Kelas 12

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Content Rating: Everyone
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