Instant Loan - Mobile guide
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Instant Loan - Mobile guide
Instant Loan - Mobile guide

Instant Loan - Mobile guide

Instant Loan - Mobile guide provide information about loan.

Developer: Milan Kol
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Release Date: Dec 13, 2022
Price: Free

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Instant Loan- Mobile Guide app is help you to getting information of a loan instant on your mobile and You will learning how to get a different type of loan.

Instant Loan mobile guide on Mobile App helps you to getting Appropriate information for how you can take a loan online with minimum document.

Instant loan - Mobile Loan is a safe credit loan service platform designed to provide professional services to users who are in urgent need of funds. Customer satisfaction is our endless pursuit.

Instant Loan guide in pocket without any hidden charges, no foreclosure charges, no penalty and full app free.

It is convenient especially if need you cash quickly. This app guide you credit platform for young professionals, where you can apply for loans online.


If amount is ₹10,000 and interest is 15% per annum with cycle of 100 days; after deducting other fees
Daily Interest: ₹10,000 x 15% / 365days = ₹4.11;
Total Interest: ₹10,000 x 15% / 365days x 100days = ₹411;
Daily Repayment: ₹10,000 / 100days + ₹4.11 = ₹104.11;
Total Repayment: ₹10411

Monthly Payment:
For example, the repayment is calculated from April 1, the monthly repayment details are as follows:
April: 30day * Daily Repayment = ₹3123.3
May: 31day * Daily Repayment = ₹3227.41
June: 30day * Daily Repayment = ₹3123.3
July: Pay off the surplus: Total Repayment - (April + May +June) = ₹936.99

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Declaimers :
This App only for guidance : how to apply various type of loans and this app not borrower any type of loan to any other. this does not asking to app users for pay money for loan. Be aware this kind of fraud.

Thank you...
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Release Date: Dec 13, 2022
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Milan Kol
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