Weight Tracker Journal and Photo
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Weight Tracker Journal and Photo
Weight Tracker Journal and Photo

Weight Tracker Journal and Photo

Chasing weight goals Your personal diary and fitness tracker awaits

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Release Date: Aug 11, 2018
Price: Free
37,027 Ratings
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Presenting... Your Weight's Own Blockbuster Journey! 🎥Howdy, Weight’s Wanderer! Picture this: a riveting tale of numbers that rise and fall, of highs, lows, and everything in between. Ready for the plot twist? You're the director, and Weight Diary is your trusty script.

Here's the movie trailer:
Flashback to that mysterious number you saw on the scale last week. Or was it a month ago? Let Weight Diary be the guardian of your weight's narrative, recording every scene without missing a beat.

Unraveling the Feature List (or The Cast, if you will):
🎯 From tiny goals to grand visions, the sth1ory arc is yours to craft.
📷 Document every transformation scene with 'Before & After' shots. Expect applause!
📝 Your weight’s inner monologue? Note it down: “Celebrated with fries; the plot thickens!”
📅 Track the timeline of your weight's epic with a dedicated calendar. Spoiler: Every day's a climax!
📈 Uncover your weight's character development through snazzy charts and stats. The drama! The suspense!
💻 Got plot points in spreadsheets? Seamlessly integrate with Excel, because why not?
☁️ Plot twists and data loss? Never in our story! Enter Google Drive backups.
🧠 Analyze the subtext with automatic BMI & body fat readings. Smarty pants!
🔔 For those cliffhanger moments, set alarms. No room for plot holes here!
🏋️‍♂️Track, achieve, and conquer your fitness milestones with Fitness Diary.
💪Empower your fitness routine with the simplicity of Fitness Diary.

Critic’s Note: Our app's charisma is more infectious than a catchy theme song. Once you start, there's no pause button!

💬 And Now, The Audience Reviews...Hold the credits! Over 3,411,532 avid viewers (just like you) have tuned into their weight stories with Weight Diary. Their feedback? Oscar-worthy ovations! 🌟 Now, the spotlight's on you: Be it a suggestion for a sequel, a plot hole you've spotted, or rave reviews for our show, we're all ears.
Our standing ovation? Those glittering 5-star ★★★★★ reviews.
Roll the credits? Not before you chime in! Direct your thoughts to 📩 [email protected]. Let's co-write the next blockbuster!
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Weight Tracker Journal and Photo 5.2.2 Update
2024-04-06 Version History
🚀 **Bug Fixes & Speed:** We've zapped bugs and boosted speed for a smoother experience.✨ **Library Updates:** Fresh updates for even better performance.🔧 **Reliability Boost:** Count on us for accurate tracking.🌟 **Elevate Your Journey:** Your wellness story, enhanced.Thanks for being part of our community. Here's to your health journey, refined with every update!

~Get Healthy with Selanto Apps (Weight Loss Help)
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Price: Free
Version: 5.2.2
Downloads: 2846557
Compatibility: Android 6.0
Bundle Id: com.selantoapps.weightdiary
Size: Varies With Device
Last Update: 2024-04-06
Content Rating: Everyone
Release Date: Aug 11, 2018
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Get Healthy with Selanto Apps (Weight Loss Help)