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Scary Night Horror Games
Scary Night Horror Games

Scary Night Horror Games

Unravel dark family secrets in Blackwood Manor. Escape alive

Developer: Softbots
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Unravel a chilling mystery and escape with your life in Blackwood Manor: Unveil the Family Curse!

You are Amelia West, a seasoned investigative journalist hired by the Blackwood family to write a biography of their enigmatic patriarch, Lord Edward Blackwood. A renowned explorer who vanished under mysterious circumstances, Lord Blackwood's legacy is shrouded in whispers of darkness. Stepping into the imposing Blackwood Manor, a sense of dread hangs heavy in the air. Cobwebs drape dusty portraits, and an unsettling silence lingers in the decaying halls.

Embrace the Haunting:

Blackwood Manor utilizes psychological horror to keep you on the edge of your seat. Explore the sprawling mansion, each room a potential gateway to unsettling discoveries. Flickering candlelight casts distorted shadows, while the creaking floorboards and mournful cries emanating from unseen places add to the chilling atmosphere.

Solve the Enigmatic:

Uncover the truth through a series of intricate puzzles and hidden secrets. Navigate by following ghostly footsteps, decipher cryptic clues tucked away in dusty libraries, and manipulate objects to reveal hidden passages. Beware, for the mansion holds more than just memories. A malevolent entity lurks within these walls, its presence growing stronger with every step you take.

Confront the Unholy:

As you delve deeper, the line between reality and nightmare blurs. Encounter spectral figures, each a chilling manifestation of a dark past. Brace yourself for jump scares and unsettling encounters as you uncover the truth behind Lord Blackwood's disappearance.

Unmask the Killer:

A shocking revelation awaits! Prepare for a narrative twist that sheds light on the Blackwood family's horrifying secret. Unmask the true culprit behind Lord Blackwood's demise and expose a legacy tainted by greed, betrayal, and a thirst for immortality.

Key Features:

Intriguing Narrative: Piece together the Blackwood family's tragic story through exploration and environmental storytelling.
Puzzle-driven Gameplay: Utilize logic and keen observation skills to overcome challenging puzzles and unlock hidden secrets.
Immersive Atmosphere: Experience the chilling dread of Blackwood Manor with haunting visuals, unsettling soundscapes, and psychological horror elements.
Multiple Endings: Your choices determine the fate of Amelia West. Can you escape the clutches of darkness and expose the truth, or will you become another victim of Blackwood Manor's curse?
Blackwood Manor: Unveil the Family Curse is not for the faint of heart. Dare you enter the mansion and confront the chilling secrets that lie within?
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Scary Night Horror Games VARY Update
2024-05-23 Version History
First Release: Uncover dark secrets in "The Mansion: Journey into Fear"

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