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A guide to understanding the Holy Spirit, for every stage in your Christian walk This app was developed by Blue Flames, last update on Jul 12, 2015, it has been downloaded more than 100000

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Get answers to questions about The Holy Spirit, like who is He, why is He here and why you absolutely need him. See how you can experience God's Love for you through the Gift of His Holy Spirit. Watch as He makes Jesus more than just a character in the Bible, but someone real and personal to you. Myths surrounding topics like speaking in tongues and operating in the gifts are debunked with scriptural proof. The information here is both free and priceless. You are encouraged to study through this app in chunks over a period of time as opposed to reading through it as a bunch of interesting stories.

This app covers topics like

☞  Who is the Holy Spirit
☞  Why do you need the Holy Spirit
☞  Myths about the Holy Spirit
☞  How to receive the Holy Spirit
☞  How to hear from and speak back to God
☞  How to build a relationship with Him over time
☞  How to how to identify and operate in your spiritual gifts
☞  What is good fruit ? How to bear good fruits
☞  Why are you NOT receiving the Holy Spirit

If taken seriously, your life will never be the same again and you will become a blessing to your surroundings and over time become a vessel through which heaven flows into the earth.
The Holy Bible is used as the absolute source of truth and several illustrations and stories from the Bible are present throughout the content to show you how the Holy Spirit operates. Real Life stories from many people from diverse backgrounds and situations are shared to encourage and motivate you. Every topic covered in this App has a Life Application that you should be able to take and apply in your own life.

A carefully curated list of videos explaining the various topics covered in the app are shared for those who prefer learning visually. These videos supplement the content and offer insights from men and women of God who have fellowshipped with the Holy Spirit for years.

This tiny app has more than 50 hours of content that can keep you engaged and gets updates both in terms of new features and content. It is designed to operate with minimal permissions and all data except videos are cached so you can use it offline. It is optimized to use minimum memory and space while giving you an experience you cannot forget.

Freely have you received; freely give.
-- Matthew 10:8

The above verse is the essence of the efforts that went into building this app. The app itself is and always will be fully Free and Open Source, it is licensed under the MIT License so you can view, edit and contribute back to the codebase if you are interested.
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Jul 12, 2015
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The Holy Spirit
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