Shoot DX PRO - Space Battle -
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Shoot DX PRO - Space Battle -
Shoot DX PRO - Space Battle -

Shoot DX PRO - Space Battle -

Simple addictive shooting game for all levels with thrilling BGM low-capacity

App Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Jan 24, 2024
Price: $1.49
Varies With Device

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※The PRO version is a paid version without ads. The content is the same as the regular Shoot DX version.

Shoot DX - The Space Battle - is a classic and simple shooting game with the theme of Earth invasion from Planet X. The objective is to control your own spacecraft, avoid enemy aircraft and enemy bullets, destroy enemies with your own bullets and clear all 7 levels. This game has exciting BGM and sound effects, and supports the Easy and Hard difficulty levels, so it can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced players alike. Furthermore, with the Max option function, you can release even more stress.

The charm of this game lies in its simplicity, which makes it easy to forget that you're playing a game, and its enjoyable BGM. There are many power-up items that appear frequently, so players can enhance themselves and fight even stronger. In addition, the download size is small and easy to download, so you can start playing right away.

Shoot DX is a masterpiece created by, based on the Java app that has been loved since the era of Japanese feature phones. This game, with its retro atmosphere and worldwide distribution, can be played completely free of charge. Let's depart towards the Planet X headquarters to prevent the Earth invasion!

★ Story ★
The massive army of Planet X has launched an invasion of Earth. Can you protect Earth?

★ Game Content ★
Control your spacecraft, avoid enemy aircraft and enemy bullets, and destroy enemies with your own bullets. Game over if you run out of remaining ships. Ending after clearing all 7 levels. The lively BGM and sound effects enhance the excitement. In addition to the Easy and Hard difficulty levels, there is a special reward for clearing all levels on Hard difficulty...? A simple and classic shooting game, completely free.

★ Title Menu and Game Modes ★
Mission: Stage selection is possible, and the game ends after clearing all 7 levels and going to the ending.
Endless: Starts from level 1 and goes to level 7 in one loop. This mode is for high-score attacks that go on forever.
Option: Game settings, etc.
Help: Operation instructions and help.

Control your spacecraft with the gamepad in the lower left corner. Use the decision and manual shot button in the lower right corner. Use the horizontal A/M button in the lower right corner to switch between auto and manual firing.

★ Power-up Items ★
They rarely appear after destroying enemies. When you take them, they have the following effects:
[Red capsule]... Bullets penetrate through lasers
[Blue capsule]... Increases remaining lives by 1
[Green capsule]... Equip additional option machines
[Turquoise capsule]... Increases movement speed
[Purple capsule]... Grants invincibility for a certain period of time
[Yellow capsule]... Increases max bullet count (not effective with auto fire, only manual fire)

↓Only appears on Hard mode or higher ↓
[Green-brown capsule]... Adds rear spread bullets
[Yellow-blue capsule]... Adds forward spread bullets

★ What's fun about Shoot DX ★
Lively music that adds excitement to the game.
Simple gameplay that makes you forget about time.
Power-up items appear surprisingly often, making the game more enjoyable.
You can adjust the speed to your liking, making it possible to enjoy even at default settings, which are extremely fast and have no waiting time.
You can easily enjoy the game at any difficulty level, from Easy (for beginners) to Hard (for advanced players), using the Max Option feature to relieve stress.
In version 1.1.0, updated on July 11, 2019, a button was added to the lower right of the title screen that reads "Watch a reward ad and start with Max Options". When you tap this button, you can watch a video ad, after which the item sound effect will play. You can then start the game with the item (option) in Max mode. This feature allows you to easily clear the game even if you start playing in the middle. Use this new feature and strive to achieve a full clear!
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Shoot DX PRO - Space Battle - 1.0.0 Update
2024-01-25 Version History
- First release.
More Information about: Shoot DX PRO - Space Battle -
Price: $1.49
Version: 1.0.0
Downloads: 4
Compatibility: Android 4.1
Bundle Id: net.katapu.shootdxpro
Size: Varies With Device
Last Update: 2024-01-25
Content Rating: Everyone
Release Date: Jan 24, 2024
Content Rating: Everyone