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App for LINKR-MBT vehicle control module system programmer

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Release Date: Sep 20, 2022
Price: Free

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Uses blue tooth for "off grid" Vehicle Control (compatible hardware required). Easy sharing, remote start configuration, system updates, and more with NO SUBSCRIPTION!
NOTE: Compatible LINKR-MBT module AND compatible remote start required - Excalibur 70 series or CrimeStopper G6 series are recommended for full functionality. Vehicle control available with other remote start models. visit for more information
LINKR-MBT is the latest edition to Omega’s family of telematics products. It provides no-contract, off-grid, and secure vehicle control with up to 300ft range along with a full suite of remote start configuration tools. Access all user & system configuration menus, and firmware updates from you iOS or Android smartphone with the free companion app, LINKR MOBILE.
CONTROL – Lock, unlock, start, stop, trunk pop, and more. Status shows you whether the system is locked or unlocked, Bluetooth signal strength, and even the vehicle’s cabin temp (compatible remote start required). Direct Bluetooth communication ensures control is always available even if cell signal or internet is not! Ideal for hikers, joggers, campers, watersports, and anyone who does not want to have their vehicle keys on them.
PROGRAM – No more counting chirps, button presses, or light flashes! System programming menus ensure no-mistake programming and lightning fast access to all system settings while the system is installed and fully functional in the vehicle.
UPDATE – Compatible remote start systems can be flashed with any firmware updates while installed in the vehicle. The days of removing a unit flash on a computer are over!
SHARING – Easily and securely share vehicle control with anyone you like by simply adding them to your ‘authorized users’ list. They will only be granted control capabilities like door lock, unlock, & remote start. Only the system owner can access system settings and firmware updates.
QUICK INSTALL TEST MODE – Installers can control and configure the remote start during installation with quick test mode. As soon as Bluetooth connection is broken, the LINKR-MBT will disappear from the app making it ready for its new owner.
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More Information about: Linkr Mobile
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.62
Downloads: 100
Compatibility: Android 8.0
Bundle Id: ro.falconelectronics.linkr_bt
Last Update: Sep 20, 2022
Content Rating: Everyone
Release Date: Sep 20, 2022
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Omega Research & Development Technologies, Inc.
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