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Logical Ink 7.0
Logical Ink 7.0

Logical Ink 7.0

App Size: 24 MB
Release Date: 10 May 2019
Price: FREE
24 MB

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Logical Ink® makes it easy for healthcare organizations to allow patients and caregivers to capture data and signatures electronically, eliminating the need for paper forms. Seamlessly compatible with any downstream system, Logical Ink helps improve documentation, decrease medical errors, and simplify processes. It leverages mobile devices, digital ink and a pen/touch-based interface to provide a simple and intuitive user experience that is as natural and unrestrictive as paper. You must be a licensed user of Logical Ink to use this app.

Logical Ink customers enjoy the following benefits:

• Intelligent and interactive forms for capturing electronic signature, discrete data and photos
• Reduces errors and improves patient safety by eliminating paper forms and scanning
• Increased staff and patient satisfaction
• Reduces wait times in Registration with a more streamlined workflow
• Enables mobility and bedside care
• Easy-to-use, drag/drop design tool for enterprise forms management
• Integrates with any EMR or ECM workflow for fewer clicks

7.0 Highlights:

• Introduced mobile phone support for Logical Ink forms. Fill out the same form on a phone, tablet or desktop in one seamless experience.
• Enhanced integration for patient portals, like MyChart
• Added a responsive window mode to force the HTML client to display the responsive form layout
• The PreCapture Client automatically detects the screen size being used and intelligently shows the correct form layout
• Added customizable, extensible reporting capabilities and 4 new reports: User Activity, Total Completed Forms, Form Completion Time and Background Tasks
• Designer supports developing responsive, phone-ready layouts of existing forms, including a drag/drop interface and visual guides for adjusting viewport width
• Added the Use Markdown property to Label objects that enables rich text features
• Added a Merge Labels button to Designer to speed form design
• Added support for the UseImplicitCredentials setting to automatically login users
• Added support to all clients for preserving user selections for Location, Search By and SmartSet between logins
• Users can now send PreCapture emails from the Form Selection screen on the iPad Client
• Added a simple tutorial to PreCapture and a warning screen for users running unsupported browsers
• The “always on top” behavior of the Windows Client can now be disabled
• Enhanced Server debug capabilities for logging FormFillData API requests
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Logical Ink 7.0 7.0.1 Update
10 May 2019 Version History
Two bug fixes:INK-11860 iPad no longer bypasses other forms in the packet to jump to the first page of a form that is hiding/showing pagesINK-11906 iPad correctly updates all of the image annotation control's properties after the control is updated with new image content

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Price: FREE
Version: 7.0.1
Compatibility: Requires Requires iOS 11 or later
Bundle Id: com.bottomline.logicalink7.0
Size: 24 MB
Genre: Medical
Release Date: 10 May 2019
Last Update: 10 May 2019
Content Rating: 12+
Developer: Bottomline Technologies
Language: English -
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