Sea Turtle Survival Sim Games
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Sea Turtle Survival Sim Games
Sea Turtle Survival Sim Games

Sea Turtle Survival Sim Games

Virtual Pet Family Simulator

Developer: Usman Sadiq
App Size: 271.4 MB
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Price: FREE
42 Ratings
271.4 MB

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Welcome to the best turtle games or sea games and experience the underwater animals with little turtle in sea survival simulator games. So join free turtle in ocean journey in turtle survival simulator games! Move like wild turtle, find animals, fishes and make friends in underwater games 2020. You have to eat other aquarium sea wild animals so eat to maintain your wild turtle health; and hunting the other animals simulator are not easy because you have to fight with sharks and dolphins and blue whales. You can beat sharks and dolphins in this ocean survival simulator game in sea animal games 2020. In this ocean games you can swim with turtle over the sea and for survival in underwater word hunt the small aquatic animals or start fishing. Don’t be afraid from dolphin ocean animals in the game and avoid dangerous sea animals like shark, orcas and killer Blue whales because they can attack this little turtle to kill him. Feel like ninja turtle warrior for surviving in the sea. In this turtle survival adventure your main goal is to survive, complete different quests and find food for yourself in the shape of fishes. So get ready to feed your turtle and help him in hunting small aquatic animals.

Do you love aquatic animals? Then the wait is over so join turtle survival adventure and start a survival battle against other sea creatures. While you are surviving in the underwater world, don’t forget to maintain sea turtles health, energy and hunger rate – it’s the only way to survive in this cruel underwater world! Swim fast, avoid meeting with predators and feed your turtle by hunting or fishing! Enjoy this amazing animal simulator in 3D! It is the best underwater game with amazing graphics. You can be the best fighter or pet of ocean journey in the ocean like street fighting boy in the city. I just recalled you to fight with animals, look for turtle clans, dolphins, sharks and treasures. In survival mode - stay alive in the wild against dolphins and sharks. In quests you are exploring the ocean bottom, killing wild sharks and dolphins.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the underwater world with turtle survival adventure in best turtle games. Meet other animals and take part in the battle against octopus, sharks, Orca and dolphins. Survive against wild shark attacks, Orca attacks, and even giant bird strikes in underwater world. The more successful you are at hunting in turtle survival, the more meat points you will earn to save turtle life in free turtle adventure game. You then will use these meat points to upgrade. Fun sounds and animations included. This turtle survival adventure or animal survival simulator has been designed for all ages. Don't forget to upgrade your animal!

• Big Wild World With Sharks And Dolphins
• HD Underwater Sea Graphics And Animations
• Experience The Wonderful Ocean Locations
• Wild Animal Clans
• Fight Like Ninja Turtle Warrior In Sea Games
• Meet All Kind Of Ocean Animals Like Dolphins And Sharks
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Sea Turtle Survival Sim Games 1.3 Update
Apr 2, 2021 Version History

+Redesigned UI for quest based scenarios throughout gameplay
+ Fixed minor bugs and issues throughout the GUI
+ Improved minor bugs and issues throughout the gameplay
+ Improved scoring system against each level's reward+ Improved minimap pointers for better assistance to accomplish tasks in all quests
+ Improved on-screen touch controllers with a 20/80 split for joystick and rotation
+ Improved in-game hints to accomplish quests
+ Optimized and reduced game build sizeEnjoy the Update!

~Usman Sadiq
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Price: FREE
Version: 1.3
Compatibility: Requires Requires iOS 9 or later
Size: 271.4 MB
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Last Update: Apr 2, 2021
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Usman Sadiq
Language: English -