Electronic Circuits Calc Pro
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Electronic Circuits Calc Pro
Electronic Circuits Calc Pro

Electronic Circuits Calc Pro

Developer: ALG Software Lab
App Size: 8.1 MB
Release Date: 2022-12-08
Price: FREE
8.1 MB

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This application is a great reference for electronics engineers.
It contains calculators for circuit designers to help quickly solve following calculations:

Basic calculators:
- Omn law
- Power, voltage and current
- Series resistors
- Parallel resistors
- Series capacitors
- Parallel capacitors
- Series inductors
- Parallel inductors
- Additional resistor for voltmeter
- Shunt resistor for ammeter
- Wire resistance
- Wire voltage drop
Components codes:
- Resistor color codes
- Standard values finder for resistors
- SMD resistor codes
- Ceramic disc capacitors codes
- Film capacitors codes
- Film capacitors color codes
- SMD Tantalum electrolytic capacitors codes
- Inductor color codes
- SMD inductors codes
- E series
Power supplies:
- Resistive voltage divider
- Capacitive power supply
- LM317 Voltage regulator calculator
- LM317 Current Source calculator
- Zener reference voltage source
- TL431 voltage calculator
- Time constant capacitor calculator
- Battery Life
- AC parameters and rectified value
- Power source internal resistance
- LED Single Resistor calculator
- LED Series Resistor calculator
- LED Parallel Resistor calculator
- Capacitor reactance
- Reactance of an inductance coil
- Gain conversion to decibels
- dBm to Watts conversion
- T-Attenuator
- Pi-Attenuator
- L-Attenuator
- Bridged T-Attenuator
- Capacitive AC Voltage Divider
- Inductive Voltage Divider
- Frequency and wavelengths
Analog filters:
- RC Low Pass Filter
- RC High Pass Filter
- RC Band pass filter
- RL low pass filter
- RL high pass filter
- LC Low Pass Filter
- LC High Pass Filter
Operating Amplifiers:
- Non-Inverting OP Amplifer Gain calculator
- OP Inverting OP Amplifier Gain calculator
- Inverting OP Amplifier with T-Bridge
- Inverting summing OP Amplifier
- Differential OP amplifier
Digital electronics:
- NE555 Astable Multivibrator
- NE555 Monostable Multivibrator

This application over 60 guides for various areas of electronics and will be updated with new guides in future versions.
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Price: FREE
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires ต้องใช้ iOS 15 or later
Bundle Id: com.algsoftlab.ElectronicsCalcPro
Size: 8.1 MB
Genre: Utilities
Release Date: 2022-12-08
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Content Rating: 4+
Developer: ALG Software Lab
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