King Rescue Pull The Pin
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King Rescue Pull The Pin
King Rescue Pull The Pin

King Rescue Pull The Pin

Developer: OptimaSit
App Size: 162.78 MB
Release Date: 2023-03-17
Price: Free
162.78 MB

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King Rescue Pull The Pin is a unique puzzle game that will test your skills and wit. The game starts with the king trapped in a room filled with deadly traps and obstacles. Your goal as a player is to help the king escape safely by pulling the right pins at the right time.

The gameplay is simple yet challenging. Each level features a set of pins that players need to pull in a specific order to clear the way for the king. Players must use their problem-solving skills and timing to navigate through the various obstacles and reach the exit door. The game gradually becomes more difficult as players progress through the levels, with new challenges and hazards added along the way.

Apart from its addictive gameplay, King Rescue Pull The Pin also features colorful graphics and a captivating soundtrack. The game has a medieval theme, with castles, dungeons, and knights serving as the main background. The sound effects and music add to the overall atmosphere, making the game more immersive.

Overall, King Rescue Pull The Pin is a fun and challenging puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours. With its intuitive controls, challenging gameplay, and engaging graphics, this game is a must-play for anyone who loves puzzle games. So, if you are looking for a thrilling adventure with the king, download King Rescue Pull The Pin today and see if you can save him from the deadly traps!
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More Information about: King Rescue Pull The Pin
Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires 11.0 or later
Bundle Id: com.zala.King-Rescue
Size: 162.78 MB
Release Date: 2023-03-17
Last Update: 2023-03-25
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: OptimaSit
Language: EN -
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