Hyperbase Action TD
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Hyperbase Action TD
Hyperbase Action TD

Hyperbase Action TD

Tower Defense and Shooter

Developer: Henry Boedeker
App Size: 99 MB
Release Date: Mar 31, 2023
Price: $0.99
2 Ratings
99 MB

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iPhone X
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In this dual joystick game of strategy tower defense, a deadly alien species is threatening the order of the galaxy. Moving from planet to plant they destroy and terraform younger civilizations’ homes. Already forced off of Earth, it is time for humans to strike back against these alien attackers!

Your mission is to move from planet to planet, to build and strategically defend your base - from which humans can begin fighting for the planet. You have a multitude of advanced sci-fi weapons to help you on your quest, made possible through your matter fabricator:

Build structures anywhere at your base. These towers are the core of a solid defense strategy and include things like: Plasma Turrets, Shield Generators, Black Hole Boxes, and don't forget about the Massive Energy Cannons.

If you die then no one is left to defend your outpost! That's why it's important to upgrade and build incredible sci-fi guns that assist your strategy. These fatal, enemy-destroying guns include: Plasma Rifles, Energy Shotguns, and the fabled Tesla Coil. Use the dual joysticks to move and shoot at the same time.

Gadgets are high tech inventions that passively defend you. These range from electric boomerangs that incinerate enemies and follow you around, to a devastating plasma shoulder cannon that shoots more than 20 bullets a second!

Discover the full extent of alien life as you survive their attacks. Watch out - some enemies are fast, or have extra health, or can shoot! Big boss aliens are also bound to make an appearance…

You are humanity's last hope. Use your strategic choice of futuristic weapons to fend off hordes of aliens and build your Hyperbase!
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Price: $0.99
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires Requires iOS 12 or later
Size: 99 MB
Genre: Games
Release Date: Mar 31, 2023
Last Update:
Content Rating: 12+
Developer: Henry Boedeker
Language: English -