Feather 3D sketchbook
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Feather 3D sketchbook
Feather 3D sketchbook

Feather 3D sketchbook

Developer: Sketchsoft Inc.
App Size: 5.1MB
Release Date: 2022-10-31
Price: FREE
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Designed and engineered by creative professionals, drawing in Feather is just as natural as real pen and paper. Once you catch how to use your fingers to look around and a pen to create lines from different angles, where and how far you use it is fully up to you. With its simple but polished interface, Feather is for everyone who wants to visualize ideas.

• Draw and view in 3D naturally:
- Create a 3D guide with your first stroke, and then draw strokes on the guide to quickly get any shapes as you imagined.
- Zoom, rotate, move to the top/front/side/rear views, and change FOV by just swiping and tapping with your fingers.
- Draw symmetric strokes with mirror mode enabled.
- Every stroke you draw will be saved in cloud storage, accessible anywhere at any time with an online connection.

• Erase, select, and edit intuitively:
- Rub out strokes point by point, or just wipe them out at once.
- Move, rotate, and adjust size or proportion with a joystick interface.
- Duplicate selected strokes in the same positions or symmetrically.
- Change the style, thickness, color, and opacity of the strokes already drawn.
- Control environment settings such as background color, grid, and fog effects.

• Sort your work into groups neatly:
- Activate a specific group to draw, select, and edit.
- Hide or show strokes by groups.
- Name the groups to manage them.
- Select the whole group and transform every stroke inside the group at once.

• Look around in AR directly:
- Place the drawing in reality and adjust its location, size, and angle.
- Show/hide drawings in AR by groups.
- View AR on different devices with the QR code.

• Export works diversely:
- Get the 3D data in OBJ format and GLTF format.
- Set the angle you want and export it in JPEG image files.
- Make 360 degrees turntable animation in GIF files.

• Organize notes and folders freely:
- Create and manage folders in unlimited depth.
- Save the thumbnail to recognize each note easily.
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Feather 3D sketchbook 1.0.1 Update
2022-10-31 Version History
Monthly updates for better Feather- Some links didn’t open in the app, but now they will open properly.- In AR, the drawing rotated in the opposite direction if you hold the iPad upside down, now it’s fixed to show in the same direction in anyways you hold the iPad.- Opening Feather in split screen is blocked for better performance.- The joystick freezing in some situations has been fixed.- OBJ format is exported in .zip format. Before it was exported in .tar format.- Flickering issue of the interface for choosing the color has been fixed.- Now the thumbnail image will not be updated when you leave the note with a specific group emphasized.

~Sketchsoft Inc.
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Price: FREE
Version: 1.0.1
Compatibility: Requires iOS 15 or later
Bundle Id: app.feather
Size: 5.1MB
Release Date: 2022-10-31
Last Update: 2022-10-31
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Sketchsoft Inc.
Language: 英語 -
All Apps & Games Created by: Sketchsoft Inc.
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