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ISLAMP is global advocacy project through an online application that aims to spread the teachings of Islam as a creed and way of life, and aims to deliver them in a simplified and scientific manner. This app is targeted towards new Muslims. It is made so that no aspect of the religion is left out and all will be explained through this application. Simply, it will show them everything they need to know about Islam and its intricacies.
Project Objective:
The aim of the project is to first and foremost bring more awareness to the Islamic faith. Nowadays, there are many misconceptions and many agendas against Islam, so this acts as a deterrent to this false information. Secondly, those who become interested in learning more, the app can guide them through any questions and doubts they may have. Thirdly, those who are newly reverted to the Islamic faith, it will give them all the data and evidence they need to reassure their hearts, and answer his or her questions that resonate in their minds. It will also give them scientific and educational lessons, to become well versed in their new faith. Some of talented among them will have the opportunity to even qualify to become future lecturers, further spreading knowledge to themselves and those around them.

Application Menu
As for the content of the application, its sections and fields; can be summarized in the following points and divided by interactive tabs or subdivisions.
1. First header: Learning about Islam, under the name (About Islam)
This field is devoted to recognizing Islam in general, and explaining its wisdoms and characteristics, through a brief definition of the Holy Qur'an.
2. Second header: Education (or classrooms). Here, basic lessons related to the Islamic faith are posted, information for strengthening faith and theoretical and intellectual matters are also published.
3. Third header: Teaching religious rites through the publication of video clips related to the specified worship.
4. Fourth header: New Muslims, under the name (Converts to Islam). This section has been divided into three sub-branches:
5. Theology section (section of religions), this part is devoted to highlighting a number of religions followed by the group of people who follow it. We cross examine their experiences in their respective religion to Islam and compare and contrast their important characteristics. This willful ambition to challenge any other faith stems from how confident Islam stands against other religions.
6. History Section
There is this section to read for those curious minds who wish to learn about wonderous achievements that occurred during the span of 1400 years.
7. General discussion
This section of the application contains open access to anything related to the religion and further discussion of vital issues.
8. The communication section
This section is concerned with answering various questions of faith and guidelines, while refuting the various suspicions raised about Islam and Muslims.
What is expected from the ISLAMP application project:
The site is intended to put out on display the favors of our Lord to His creations. It is also meant to be the best help application and support system for new Muslims in terms of:
1. Introducing faith to them
2. Keeping them steadfast on faith
3. Strengthening the faith in their hearts
4. Refutation of suspicions raised about Islam
5. Answering the questions that come to them
6. To propel those dedicated individuals who are scholars in Islam and have them be more proactive in serving their religion
7. Converting non-Muslims to Islam after studying its various content on the application
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Price: 免费
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires 12.0 or later
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Size: 62.88 MB
Genre: Education
Release Date: 2023-01-21
Last Update: 2023-01-21
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Hardi mohammed saleh
Language: EN -
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