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Developer: DissOrDap
App Size: 57.53 MB
Release Date: 2022-08-10
Price: Free
57.53 MB

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Have you ever wondered which outfit looks better? Which picture to post on Instagram,
Snapchat, or Facebook?

DissOrDap gives you the power to crowdsource opinions. Simply upload two pictures or add
TikTok video links, select a category and have the community vote and comment on your post.

You can vote on any post on DissOrDap by giving a thumbs down (Diss) or thumbs up (Dap).
It's fun and engaging to give and receive opinions, compare images or videos and socialize with
the community. Creating a post or adding TikTok video links is easy and fun with DissOrDap.

Add a Post
Adding a post is easy. Tap on the + icon and choose from images, TikTok videos, or text

For an image post, add two photos and select a category and you are good to go.
For TikTok videos, simply paste the link of the two TikTok videos you would like to compare,
select a category, and post.
You can also add a website link to the photos or text posts and get more traffic.

Enhance Your Photos
Use the in-built photo enhancer to make your pictures better before you post them. Apply filters,
crop, adjust brightness, contrast, add text, stickers, and much more.

We’re flipping the script on social media. We’re giving you the chance to get your inner troll satisfied!

Our challenge post brings a total unique experience to posting, competition!

For the first time posts will directly compete with each other.

This is a chance to get even!

Your selfie is better than an influencer with 1 million followers? Challenge that post for supremacy.

If you win, the post will be put on the main trending page. where the influencers post would be, so you get to steal their spot!

Don’t get mad, post and get even!

Post the results to your social media accounts.

Instantly get the statistics of any post by gender, age and location. This is a game-changer for
businesses interested in validating their product ideas and making decisions backed by data.

Connecting with the community members is easy. Simply tap on someone's profile and get
started with instant messaging

Good Karma or Hater Of The Day
Vote positive or negative on either photo! Each photo has a thumbs up and thumbs down

option. A positive voter gets the “Good karma” Badge. Negative voters can win the "Hater of the
Day" badge!

Share your post with a click of a button. You can share your post by getting a unique link that can
be shared with anyone, anywhere. When users click on your link, they will be redirected to your
post within the app.

Personalize your feed and browse the posts you love by selecting a category. A total of 17
categories to choose from and new categories added on a regular basis.
DissOrDap is the new social app on a mission to get instant second opinions easy and fun for
everyone. Compare photos, TikTok videos, or get instant feedback on your product from the
DissOrDap community.

Post. Compare. Vote. Share!

You can reach us anytime with your suggestion and feedback at [email protected]
Download and Enjoy!
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More Information about: DissOrDap
Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires 11.0 or later
Bundle Id: com.stdev.dissordap
Size: 57.53 MB
Genre: Photo & Video
Release Date: 2022-08-10
Last Update: 2022-08-10
Content Rating: 12+
Developer: DissOrDap
Language: EN -
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