My Monster Eats Furniture
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My Monster Eats Furniture
My Monster Eats Furniture

My Monster Eats Furniture

Developer: Tigs & Gin LLC
App Size: 435.60 MB
Release Date: 2022-09-30
Price: $2.99
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435.60 MB

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This is the paid US version.

• Embark upon an epic and emotional journey with CAT and Dylan about love, dealing with loss and grief.
• Exciting, hilarious, and fun, yet at times touching and poignant; Dylan learns that inevitably you need to deal with the pain of letting something go in this colorful, 2D, action RPG.
• Battle 90 Soul Pops and 10 powerful bosses across 10 locations in Samuton, the Happiest Town On Earth Since 1986.
• Complete all quests on each floor to advance. Beat the boss at the end to unlock the next location.
• Every other floor can be warped to once beaten. No need to start from the beginning if you die. Phew, that's a relief!
• After beating the final boss you can start all over in New Game + mode. Soul Pops are MUCH harder this time around, are you brave enough?

• No Energy:There is no energy system, play as much/often as you want.
• No Ads: No ads anywhere. Who likes those? Yuck!
• Gears: Collect over 200 pieces of gear and dress up exactly how you want. Feeling like a cheerleader today? A punk rocker? Or maybe just running around town wearing your D.A.R.E. t-shirt you got at school.
• Costumes: Obtain over 30 costumes to make CAT look even fancier! There are Special, Daily and Boss Costumes to choose from, with each giving additional stats.
• Gacha: Get Gears by doing Gacha draws. Gears range from 1 to 5 stars in rarity and are part of 4 different themed collections. Can you get them all? Good luck!
• Secret Plans: Collect all 5-star Gears from each blueprint in "Secret Plans" then sell them to Bad Bunny for tons of Diamonds. What a deal, I would totally do it!
• Fusion: Collect Scrolls to fuse Gears. Leveling them up makes them stronger! Who doesn't want to be all-powerful?
• Skills: Level up to unlock skills on the skill tree. There are 19 to choose from ranging from Passives, Actives and Buffs. So many combinations. So much fun!
• Furniture: Create and eat 11 different pieces of Furniture to give CAT helpful boosts. Collect materials in battle to make them. Mmmm... yum!
• Soul Pops: Collect Soul Drops to "heal" Soul Pops. Leveling them up gives more EXP in battle. Also, get them to level 7 to recruit them as pets in the Pet Arena. p.s. Don't forget their Former Self Bios, it's fun to read those!
• Achievements: Complete over 400 achievements, each with 10 ranks of difficulty, with increasing rewards of Silvers and Soul Drops. So much to do!
• Story: Read side stories after completing each chapter of the game to learn more about the character's lives behind-the-scenes. Did you know Dylan likes root beer floats?
• Jobs: Take on special requests on the job board to earn MyMEF points used to buy costumes. Complete 10 jobs to receive a Boss Warp Ticket.
• Daily: Get rewards just by logging in each day. The first 7 days have special login bonuses! Get those goodies just for showing up.
• Pet Arena: Challenge a 100 strong horde of Level 7 Soul Pops in the Pet Arena. If you survive, you earn a Soul Pop Pet. Give yourself a "pet" on the back!
• Gold Vault: Enter the Gold Vault to battle Golden Gilders which drop piles of Silvers. Soon, you will have enough to fill a swimming pool!
• Music: Jam to 16 amazing, original MyMEF soundtracks. Unlock each location's music once beaten and set it as the default Cabin music.
• Boss Warp Ticket: Boss Warp Tickets let you warp directly to a boss. Quickly collect Boss Badges to exchange for Boss Costumes! Bosses get tougher each round. Can you handle it?

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More Information about: My Monster Eats Furniture
Price: $2.99
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires 12.0 or later
Bundle Id: com.TigsGinLLC.MyMonsterEatsFurnitureUS
Size: 435.60 MB
Release Date: 2022-09-30
Last Update: 2022-10-02
Content Rating: 9+
Developer: Tigs & Gin LLC
Language: EN -