Fight For Your Resurrection VR
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Fight For Your Resurrection VR
Fight For Your Resurrection VR

Fight For Your Resurrection VR

Developer: Cecchini Fabio
App Size: 1.2 GB
Release Date: Jun 6, 2023
Price: $2.99
1.2 GB

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This is the VR edition of the game FIGHT FOR YOUR RESURRECTION available on the store


NOTE BEFORE YOU BUY: this game is a VR game! to play it You need:

- Cardboard Headset or VR180 sidebyside Headset for smartphone
(search "vr 3d headset smartphone" with google to find examples)
the cost of these headset vary from 10 to 50 bucks

- Bluetooth Gamepad XBOX style: in fact having Your phone on Your head
in front of Your eyes for VR experience You need the gamepad to play


- connect the gamepad via bluetooth
- insert the smartphone inside the headseat
- launch the game and DON'T TOUCH THE SCREEN unless You want to close and quit the game

if You touch the screen after the game has started then the gamepad loses focus and it won't interact with the menu's entries, so again:
launch the app and don't touch the screen, if it happens that You touch the screen and the gamepad doesn't work: no panic, just quit the app and relaunch it :)



You are dead, but it is Your lucky death: sometimes to those who dies is given the possibility to FIGHT FOR RESURRECTION!!! in the after death realm devils and demons are bored, they want enjoy some fight to the death(again) ... and Your death is one of that lucky one in which You can choose a new body, fight 10 matches, and if You survive then You can keep Your new body and resurrect ... are You willing to accept the challenge?

NOTES from developer:

1) the instructions shown at game start are referred to 6 characters (female 1, female 3, female 5, male 3, male 4, male5), the other characters use only 5 buttons instead than 6 and I let You practice and discover their moves! try also moves and combinations of 2+ buttons and stick rotations :)

2) the game has dynamic A.I.: every time You loose a match the difficult level decrease, every two consecutive matches that You win the difficult increase, the range is VERYEASY EASY NORMAL HARD VERYHARD IMPOSSIBLE - I dare every one to complete all the 10 matches never loosing a fight :D

3) after a while playing the game You'll notice that all the characters have similar movements, in fact there are only 2 movesets in this first release: make custom moveset for each character is a big effort, so here a deal: the price of the first release of the game is cheap, You show some love for it, and I'll make custom moveset for each character soon
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More Information about: Fight For Your Resurrection VR
Price: $2.99
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires Requires iOS 16 or later
Size: 1.2 GB
Genre: Games
Release Date: Jun 6, 2023
Last Update:
Content Rating: 12+
Developer: Cecchini Fabio
Language: English -