Kewd — The to-look-up list
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Kewd — The to-look-up list
Kewd — The to-look-up list

Kewd — The to-look-up list

Developer: Mike Colonna
App Size: 17.4 MB
Release Date: 23 जून 2019
Price: FREE

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Kewd - the only to-find-online App.

Simply place anything you want to search online (no matter where!) in your Kew. Look it up later with one quick tap whenever you like.

100% free & no account or Login required!

+ Kew that new health hack to search on Google that your fitness instructor mentioned this morning
+ Kew that Netflix movie your best buddy is talking about on your Facetime call
+ Kew that beauty product on Amazon your sister just told you she wants for her birthday


...Are you talking to someone and don’t want to interrupt the conversation? You don't want to appear rude by picking up your phone and getting lost in an online search, after they mentioned something interesting?

...Did an idea cross your mind while you were working, but you don‘t want to lose your state of flow by researching it right now?

...Did you come across something fascinating in an article or a book that you would like to dive into in more detail, but don’t have time at the moment or simply don't want to forget about it?

> Quickly place it in Kewd and look it up later.

Stay FOCUSED in the present.
Be ATTENTIVE during your interactions.
Fight DISTRACTION at work.
Stay in CONTROL of your time.
Save TIME.

With Kewd you keep doing what you‘re doing and still not miss out on that new piece of information.

Chose from 6 categories (General/Search, Shopping/Product, Place, Music, Movie/Show and Apps) and add your preferred, default app for each category for even faster Kews:

Kewd directly connects to 20+ search platforms including Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, Etsy, Wikipedia, TED, Netflix, IMDB, Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Maps.



Eliminate the need to copy&paste your products, ideas or questions from your regular to do list or reminders app into your search engine. Get it all done in Kewd with one single click and open your searches on the search sites or applications of your choice.


Modern design, boiled down to the essentials. No distracting elements or unnecessary menu items. Easy user interface and intuitive design.


Kewd is completely free. You can become a voluntary Kewd supporter to help make this app better and support the creation of future app projects that support productivity, and a more focused, organized life. For more information please send an email to [email protected]


8 fresh color themes!

...Are you ready? Let’s start “kew”-ing!


Coming soon with the next Kewd Update:

+ More upbeat color themes and theme creator
+ Reminder option: Don't forget to look up your searches!
+ Phone Widget for even quicker use
+ Share-Option to send your Kews to your friends


Developed by Michael Colonna and Nina Wellstein-Colonna.

We really hope this app is of help to you.

Please get in touch anytime and send us your thoughts, questions or feedback to

[email protected]
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More Information about: Kewd — The to-look-up list
Price: FREE
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires iOS 11 or later
Bundle Id: ColonnaJr-Kewd
Size: 17.4 MB
Genre: Productivity
Release Date: 23 जून 2019
Last Update: 23 जून 2019
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Mike Colonna
Language: अंग्रेज़ी -
All Apps & Games Created by: Mike Colonna
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