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Learn MathPrimary Times Table
Learn MathPrimary Times Table

Learn MathPrimary Times Table

Developer: Ilker Bayraktutan
App Size: 97.4 MB
Release Date: 31 मई 2020
Price: FREE
97.4 MB

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Learn Math as in Primary School : Times Table is a math game for kids.
Parents! Have you ever wish your primary school child learn math with fun as in school. Kids learn easily with games and fun, even the math: to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide, times table and more! The best way is to make your child love learning math is to encourage them to practice on a daily basis with a way they don`t think they are doing homework. Now you can do it with educational math game / app designed to practice your child addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and learn math with fun.

We focused on basics to learn math, four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Also add a mixed function to test pro kids like a quiz who is preparing for SATs or 11+ exams. We always wish our kids to love math and make a good progress and success. To achieve success and high targets kids needs to practice. Learn Math as in Primary School game is a maths game designed for kids and allow them to practice basic maths skills like math operations regarding their age as they learn in school.

“There should be no such thing as boring mathematics.” said Edsger Dijkstra focusing that maths is a fun thing only we should find a way that kids love learning math. You can teach your child to add, subtract, multiply and divide where ever you are, just use your imagination. Just play them adding the numbers on the car plates or if you are busy let them play Learn Math as in Primary School and practice by themselves. Let your child tell you “Learning is fun with a cool math game”. If kids learning while they are playing and having fun, they're much more likely to recall this learning later. Having fun in learning also encourage them to re-practice the fun event again, which will boost their learning. Moreover it is a free game.

If you can`t stop your kid playing with mobile and wasting time than redirect your kids mobile usage to a positive thing like Learn Math as in Primary School game, an approach which becomes a win win for both. The math game is simple, casual and can be used anytime anywhere even if you have 30 sec. free time. Game is designed for early years (reception), key stage 1 (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3) and key stage 2 (Year 4, Year 5, Year 6) but also can be used after all life long learning and keep your brain stimulated to prevent dementia in older ages.

Learn Math as in Primary School is a cool educational math game which helps kids in learning multiplication tables, addition, subtraction and division. Test your brain, raise your IQ and solve mathematics quiz. Kids learn times table away from school. Multiply your grades! Improve your grades at school , master at math test! Learning maths is fun and enjoyable like sports in Olympic games some can call it mathletics. Select your skill, test your brain and solve mathematics quiz. In kids primary school mathematics, times table or a multiplication table is a mathematical table used to teach kids multiplication operation for the algebraic system. But Learn Math as in Primary School is a math quiz game, educational game for everyone!

Features :

- Addition Quiz - Put your child's maths and addition skills to the test.
- Subtraction Quiz - See how much your child has improved in their mathematics skills for subtraction.
- Multiplicaion Quiz - Designed to test your child`s knowledge of times table regarding it`s age and class and help child to learn how to multiply.
- Division Quiz - After learning times table it is always good to test division skills of kids.
- Mixed Quiz - Advanced quiz, for kids who accomplished all four operation skills (add, subtract, multiply, divide) and tests with random question
- Times Table Study : No need to look else where just select the one you need to study.
- Times Table Practice : Without limitation select the times tables you want to practice and go.
- Challenge with yourself aim higher
- Fun for all ages
- Helps keep you sharp
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Learn MathPrimary Times Table 1.1.17 Update
31 मई 2020 Version History
Time limited study targets 1 min, 3 min and 5 min.Player can choose "multiple choice" or "classic" (input answers from keypad) input modes.New mode to learn times table before starting to practice.New mode specifically to practice selected by user times tables for a step by step learning.See both correct and wrong answers.Show correct answers in both mode (multiple choice or classic).New game music and user interface with shiny buttons.

~Ilker Bayraktutan
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Price: FREE
Version: 1.1.17
Compatibility: Requires iOS 10 or later
Bundle Id: com.deedyduckgames.learnmathasinprimaryschool.timestable
Size: 97.4 MB
Genre: Education
Release Date: 31 मई 2020
Last Update: 31 मई 2020
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Ilker Bayraktutan
Language: अंग्रेज़ी -
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