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Alpha Coach Evolve Diet Coach
Alpha Coach Evolve Diet Coach

Alpha Coach Evolve Diet Coach

App Size: 68.61 MB
Release Date: 2022-12-04
Price: Free
68.61 MB

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Alpha Coach Evolve is a diet-coaching / food-logging / calorie-tracking / weight loss app powered by adaptive intelligence. The application builds out a macro nutrition program for your goals, uses the HealthKit APIs to show the users the number of steps they have covered in a day in the app interface itself and makes weekly adjustments in the program based on your metabolism. The algorithm accurately calculates your metabolism based on your food logs and body-weight logs and predicts a timeline for you to reach your body-weight goals.

The app enables food logging, calorie tracking, and activity tracking, and is completely free. The application helps you make all the right food & nutrition choices to reach your weight goals.

Every day, you’ll receive a Daily Alpha Score (DAS) based on your adherence to the plan. Simply score 70+ DAS every day to reach your body-weight goal in the predicted timeline.

Take charge of your nutrition with custom macro-programs built around your goals and plan adjustments made based on your meal logs and changes in your body weight every week. Alpha Coach Evolve also gives you daily step targets, considering your general activity levels, eating preferences, body fat percentages, and other health conditions.

The program is designed to guide you toward your weight goals, not just on how much to eat, but also to help you make better food choices enabled with an interactive voice-based food logging. You can choose the pace at which you’d like to do the program – the app then calculates an optimum timeframe for you to hit your body weight goal, based on our proprietary prediction algorithm.

Small changes. Big Impact.

Just follow Alpha Coach Evolve’s recommendations on the quantity and quality of your meals and start seeing real results.

Step 1 - Set your weight goal
Get your customized macro diet plan and timeline based on your target body weight, eating preferences and activity levels.

Step 2 - Track your weight yourself
Use our verified food database to easily log your food with voice or plain text and connect your fitness band or mobile pedometer.

Step 3 - Lose weight / Gain Weight / Keep Fit
Follow daily insights and recommendations and weekly dynamic adjustments to hit your goal!

Experience adaptive intelligence for your weight loss/weight gain goals
Get freedom from your template diet plan. Based on your weight goal, your preferred pace, your eating preferences and activity levels, Alpha Coach Evolve will design
- a macro-plan
- an activity goal and
- a timeline for you to achieve that weight goal
Your Alpha Coach Evolve will dynamically adjust your program week over a week based on your progress so you just can’t fail!

Lose weight at your own pace
We understand that every person’s journey is different and each person wants to set their own pace for their fitness journey. That’s why Alpha Coach Evolve adjusts your program to suit the pace you choose.

Win with your daily Alpha Score!
Get a higher daily Alpha Score every time you hit your step, calorie, and nutrient quality goals so you know you’re on track to your big win!

Download Alpha Coach Evolve – 100% free app for food logging, calorie tracking & weight loss
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More Information about: Alpha Coach Evolve Diet Coach
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.0
Compatibility: Requires 13.0 or later
Bundle Id: app.alphacoach.evolve
Size: 68.61 MB
Release Date: 2022-12-04
Last Update: 2022-12-04
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: TLG Techfit Private Limited
Language: EN -
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