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Lets face Eho and eat Ehomaki

Developer: ryo fujise
App Size: 56.9 MB
Release Date: Jan 15, 2022
Price: FREE
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In "Ehomaki Compass & Fortune Slip," not only can you find the exact lucky direction when eating Ehomaki, but you can also enjoy a genuine fortune-telling experience. The user-friendly interface and cute characters will bring joy and good luck to your everyday life.

Main Features:

Ehomaki Compass: Using your smartphone's compass function, you can easily determine the lucky direction. This allows you to eat Ehomaki facing the exact direction and attract good fortune.

Fortune Slip: You can draw the same fortune slips as those at Senso-ji Temple and Enryaku-ji Temple on Mount Hiei. With results ranging from great luck to bad luck, you can enjoy a genuine fortune-telling experience.

Good Luck Puzzle: You can also enjoy a mini-game. In this puzzle game, you turn all the demon tiles into luck tiles, calling in fortune while enjoying both thought-provoking and fun gameplay.

"Ehomaki Compass & Fortune Slip" is the perfect app for annual Ehomaki events and daily fortune checking. Eat Ehomaki with the characters to bring in good luck and check your daily fortune!

What is Ehomaki?
Eho-maki is a sushi roll that is said to be good to eat on Setsubun without saying a word while facing the lucky direction.

It is said that this custom originated in the commercial city of Osaka, but there is still no established theory about its origin and there are many unknown points.

According to one theory, it was invented by a seaweed manufacturer in Osaka to promote sales.

Currently, it is on the night of Setsubun. It is said that if you eat the whole thing without saying a word, your wish will come true.” There are also people who say, ``Eat with your eyes closed,'' or ``Eat with a smile,'' and this has given rise to various derivations. Marukaburi is basically a thick roll, but in recent years, expensive items such as seafood rolls, character children's sushi rolls, and whirlpool rolls have appeared, and the market is expanding endlessly. Some people eat ``half-cut'', ``medium-thin roll'' and ``hand-rolled sushi'', which are easy to eat because there are no specific rules. Originating in the Kansai region, it also comes with a legend that is probably an afterthought that ``do not cut the circle.'' From the word 'marukaburi', which is an expression in the Kinki region, some speculate that it was not originally intended to wish for prosperous business and family safety. In folklore, it is sometimes treated as a subject of research on folklorism.

The name ``ehomaki'' was coined in 1989 when Shizumasa Noda, a headquarters employee in charge of Seven-Eleven Funairi store (Naka-ku, Hiroshima), heard that ``There is a custom in Osaka to eat futomaki sushi on Setsubun.'' As a result of this, from around 1998, Aeon began a large-scale nationwide sales promotion and created corners as "Aeon's Eho-maki", which spread all over the country at once, and spread rapidly after the 2000s. No documents have been found to say that it was called 'ehomaki' before that time. In addition, it is also called 'lucky roll sushi', 'eho sushi', 'shofukumaki', and so on. The Marukaburi of Setsubun, which was held in some parts of Osaka, was introduced to business partners so that seaweed vendors could sell the hine, but only some sushi restaurants were doing it. However, it was introduced to Daiei in the 1970s when 'Sushi Dojo', a sushi restaurant for the masses in Akashi, was open, and it became established as an event of Setsubun in Kansai. Following this trend, sushi restaurants in the Kansai area began to sell Marukaburi sushi all at once.

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In the description and the app, information from Wikipedia is used secondarily under the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License ("CC-BY-SA 3.0").


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Ehomaki 1.0.61 Update
Feb 1, 2024 Version History
Thank you for using the app. We have made improvements and bug fixes.

~ryo fujise
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