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Crystal Wand

Crystal Wand

Developer: Etsuko Fujinuma
App Size: 36.85 MB
Release Date: 2023-01-09
Price: $0.99
36.85 MB

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A simple match-3 puzzle game.
It's a simple game that you can play during your study or work breaks.
Collect crystal shard that can be obtained by clearing puzzles and get a crystal wand.
Game center compatible, you can compete with players around the world for high scores ranking.
There are no time limits or action-like controls, so you can do the puzzles at your own pace while thinking carefully.

This is an RPG-style puzzle game that can be completed in a short time, recommended for those who are busy with work and don't have time to take time to play RPGs such as leveling up.

You can select the number of stages.
● Simple mode
For those who want to enjoy puzzles in their spare time. All 1 stage.
● Triple mode
For those who want a little more response to the game, all 3 stages.
● Quest mode
For those who want to enjoy the puzzle carefully. There is also an ending.
The ending will change depending on the progress of the story and how the puzzle progresses.

● how to play
Tap the jewel you want to move, tap the adjacent jewels to swap them, and match 3 or more jewels of the same color vertically or horizontally to erase the jewels and attack.
It will recover when you erase the green stone.

When you erase the stones and accumulate SP power, you can use spirit magic.
When you erase the chain, the indigo spirit power will be accumulated.

Spirit magic will level up (Only this explore) each time you use it.
As the level rises, the effect of erasing colored stones increases.

-If you can't erase the stone, you can erase only one stone by pressing and holding the stone for a few seconds and then releasing it.
Even in that case, it will be consumed for one turn, and it will be the enemy's turn.

If you tap the stone once to move the cursor and then want to erase the cursor and start over, tap the same stone again or tap outside the puzzle screen (such as the enemy's screen) to erase the cursor and redo the selection.

●You can see "How to play" from the "Help" button on the top right of the home screen.

You can get a crystal by clearing the puzzle.
Once you have collected the crystals, you can exchange them for items in the "Wizard's Room".

This game is recommended for those who:
like to do simple puzzles.
like to match 3 puzzle game.
want to relax.
Tired of gachas and events.
want to play at my own pace without being pressed for time.
want a game with an ending.
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Crystal Wand 1.0.1 Update
2023-01-09 Version History
Added opening image. Mission 4 has been added to "Story".

~Etsuko Fujinuma
More Information about: Crystal Wand
Price: $0.99
Version: 1.0.1
Compatibility: Requires 15.0 or later
Bundle Id: fujimaetsu.CrystalWand
Size: 36.85 MB
Release Date: 2023-01-09
Last Update: 2023-01-09
Content Rating: 9+
Developer: Etsuko Fujinuma
Language: EN - JA -
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