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Developer: yasuda shiori
App Size: 141.2 MB
Release Date: 2023-07-26
Price: FREE
141.2 MB

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AI Shogi University, the best Shogi app for beginners and experts alike to improve your Shogi skills!

Pro version have all new AI engine!!!

Online games, computer games, Tsume-Shogi, and Shogi beginner's guide are all in one app!

Shogi for Beginners" is included in the app.

Shogi Classroom" is included for beginners to learn how to move pieces and the rules of Shogi!

This is a Shogi application equipped with AI that allows beginners to play Shogi without worries, such as those who want to start playing Shogi and those who know the rules.

Why not make AI Shogi University your partner for your first Shogi?

For playing Shogi in your spare time! For studying Shogi! You can also use AI Shogi University for your Shogi study!

◆Many functions for learning Shogi are available!

Why don't you practice Shogi with this app before you go to an online Shogi place where there are many strong players?

Do you want to be the strongest Shogi player in your class?

Do you want to beat your seniors at work who are strong in Shogi?

Since it is an app game, it is easy to start and finish in a short time, and since it is a game, it is easy to manage your motivation.

It is also recommended for brain training.

Equipped with piece drop game!

At last, the game supports piece drop matchups!

You can now set up more various game conditions than ever before by combining AI level and piece drop!

The rule of piece dropping is that the player who loses the piece will be the first player.

You can also play a game of "Kaiten" (game of feedback)!

You can play again against the CPU from any move in a game that you have already played.

You can avoid losing the same game again by carefully reviewing your moves and your opponent's moves.

You can improve your game by playing offline or online.

You can also save your game record.

It is very useful when you want to analyze your game with other strong Shogi software for PC.

◆For those who want to start playing Shogi and want to get stronger with the application.

This application is full of features that beginners need to become stronger at Shogi.

It is very hard to study Shogi, but you can reach Shodan level with this app.

Why don't you graduate from being a beginner of Shogi by playing Shogi in your spare time or on your way to work or school just to kill time?

You can learn everything from checking the rules, the flow of the game, to learning how to play Tsume-shogi with this app.

Recommended for

Those who want to play Shogi against a wide range of players from weak AI to strong AI.

People who want to solve many Tsume-Shogi games.

Those who want to start playing Shogi in their free time.

Those who don't know the rules of Shogi but want to start playing Shogi after watching cartoons and movies.

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More Information about: AI将棋大学Pro
Price: FREE
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires Requires iOS 15 or later
Bundle Id: com.sayama.shogipro
Size: 141.2 MB
Genre: Games - Board
Release Date: 2023-07-26
Last Update: 2023-08-03
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: yasuda shiori
Language: English - Japanese -