Automend Pro OBD 2 Car Scanner
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Automend Pro OBD 2 Car Scanner
Automend Pro OBD 2 Car Scanner

Automend Pro OBD 2 Car Scanner

App Size: 113.5MB
Release Date: 2019년 11월 17일
Price: FREE

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It’s the alert all drivers dread — the check engine light. Not only do you become instantly stressed about your car’s health, you know that potentially the repair can be expensive.

With the Automend Pro app, you are in control of your car’s maintenance needs. An advanced car diagnostic and car scanner tool, the Automend Pro provides real-time information about your car’s health that’s both fast and easy to understand.

Your Car’s Best Friend

The Automend Pro seamlessly offers onboard diagnostics that accurately and reliably pinpoint potential mechanical issues with your car and explains them to you in concise yet basic language.

The Automend Pro OBDii helps you differentiate between the repairs you actually need and those you do not, taking the power out of a mechanic’s hand.

The Automend Pro car diagnostic scanner doesn’t just help diagnose issues in real-time. It creates a database of your car’s health history over time, noting both unexpected repairs and scheduled upkeep fixes.

In the end, you get an educated and reliable picture of everything you need to know about your car’s performance.

Talk Like a Mechanic

Even with a safe driving record and devotion to scheduled car maintenance, your car can experience malfunctions over time that are out of your control.

Mechanics know this and often take advantage of those with limited knowledge about how cars work and their many parts.

With the Automend Pro OBD2, your car diagnostic needs will never again be a mystery to you. The car scanner not only identifies current problems but can tell you what is and what is not needed at the moment, saving you potentially thousands in unnecessary car repair work.

You will quickly become well-versed in mechanic-speak since the app doesn’t just briefly pinpoint problems.

It also offers the exact diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs, that your mechanic relies on to fix your vehicle and what each one means. You’ll know what exactly should be fixed and what should not.

Additionally, the Automend Pro OBDii can provide information on the potential long-term impact of ignoring certain maintenance issues. You will be able to see the risks of driving when your car still needs recommended repairs.

Automend Pro OBD 2 Features and Benefits
- Provides seamless in-tandem work with an Automend Pro OBDii car scanner.
- In language understandable to all, Automend Pro outlines what each and every mechanical issue actually means.
- Have more than one car? Automend Pro OBD 2 can work across multiple vehicles so you and your family can take advantage of its assistance and guidance.
- It’s adaptable to millions of vehicles, working with hybrid, diesel, and gas cars built from 1996 on.
- It’s a multifaceted car diagnostic and car scanner tool, with premium features available, including car and trip expenses, car parking and maintenance, and an emissions pre-check.
- You don’t just get your problems identified through the car scanner. The Automend Pro also breaks down the severity of each issue, painting a more vivid picture of your car’s overall health. It makes prioritizing repairs and regular maintenance a snap. The scanner can provide real-time information and updates on your car’s condition through its revolutionary sensor.
- The Automend Pro takes your online security seriously. The sign-in process has been made more intuitive and includes refined password security and strong password suggestions. Take control of your car’s health and needed expenses today. With the Automend Pro OBD 2, you will never again pay for a repair that you simply do not need.

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The Automend Pro OBD 2: How a simple app can save drivers thousands in expensive vehicle repairs that are just not needed.

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Automend Pro OBD 2 Car Scanner 1.1.16 Update
2019년 11월 17일 Version History
FREE update is coming to town!Bug fixes and performance improvements.

~Think Tech Sales Limited
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Price: FREE
Version: 1.1.16
Compatibility: Requires iOS 12 or later
Bundle Id: com.thinktech.automendpro
Size: 113.5MB
Genre: Utilities
Release Date: 2019년 11월 17일
Last Update: 2019년 11월 17일
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Think Tech Sales Limited
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