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BassBox Sealed Pro

Developer: Pasquale Puglisi
App Size: 30.50 MB
Release Date: 2016-09-26
Price: $75.00
30.50 MB

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BassBox Sealed Pro it will help you configure, install and test your subwoofer enclosure.
The detailed tools make this app very helpful for both professionals and amateurs in the world of speaker systems. It:
• Calculates the size of the box in a sealed enclosure with “Vab” (Acoustic Box Volume) or with the following alignments: CD2 (Second-order Critically-Damped), BL2 (Second-order Bessel), QB2 (Second-order Quasi-Butterworth), B2 (Second-order Butterworth), C2 (Second-order Chebyshev) and C2/2 (Second-order/2 Chebyshev).
• Provides graphics of the Frequency Response / SPLt, Thermally-Limited / SPLd, Displacement-Limited / Pmax, Power Required to produce / Xmax, Maximum Cone Excursion at 10W/28.3V.
• Selects the amount of soundproofing.
• Designs the box in the following forms: Cube/Cuboid, Wedge, Wedge II, Truncated Pyramid, Cylinder and Prism Hexagonal.
• Calculates and details the panels for cutting and mounting of the box.
• Provides Speaker Volume Calculation.
• Provides the tool for calculating the value of the resistance between 2 or more speakers with single or dual voice coils connected in Parallel, Series or Series/Parallel.
• Provides the tool EBP for finding the recommended enclosure for your subwoofer.
• Provides a Signal Generator that generates all the most common waveforms for a subwoofer. Frequency slider from 10Hz to 300Hz. White Noise, Pink Noise, Sweep Up and Sweep Down from 10Hz to 300Hz.
• Switches between the units of measurement Metric / Imperial (Litres / Cubic feet - mm / inches).
• Saves, shares or prints the project in PDF format.
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BassBox Sealed Pro 3.23.4 Update
2019-09-25 Version History
bug fix for iOS 13

~Pasquale Puglisi
More Information about: BassBox Sealed Pro
Price: $75.00
Version: 3.23.4
Compatibility: Requires 8.0 or later
Bundle Id: BassBox.Sealed
Size: 30.50 MB
Genre: Music Utilities
Release Date: 2016-09-26
Last Update: 2019-09-25
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Pasquale Puglisi
Language: EN - IT -
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