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If the GRE never asks you to define a word, why are you memorizing definitions to prepare for the test?
Introducing the newest addition to our suite of GRE prep tools: StellarGRE Vocabulary Flashcards! At Stellar, we take a unique approach to vocab acquisition. Rather than prompt students to recall thousands of dictionary definitions – a skill that is never tested on the exam – we train students to recognize words of similar meaning. This is because all vocab-based questions are – at their core – really just synonym and antonym problems in disguise. And since recognition is a much more efficient cognitive task than recall, this approach allows students to learn significantly more words in significantly less time than traditional methods.
We do this by grouping GRE-level words into “semantic clusters.” Unlike other vocabulary builders, StellarGRE Vocabulary Flashcards leverage natural language processing technology to group sets of multiple words that share similar meanings under a simplified definition. For example, students will find all the words that mean “talks too much” in one semantic cluster (i.e., prolix, verbose, garrulous, logorrheic, loquacious, etc.). Rather than waste time and energy memorizing all the subtle differences between these words, students will learn to associate the words with each other and a plain- language English concept, allowing them to recognize synonym pairs on sentence equivalence and text completion questions with ease.
StellarGRE Vocabulary Flashcards offer students an interactive, gamified learning experience to help them prepare for the verbal section of the GRE. Students can provide feedback to the app by swiping left or right to indicate their relative mastery of a given semantic cluster. Clusters that students indicate need more review are presented more frequently until they are mastered, creating an adaptive learning experience. Mastering a deck of clusters unlocks the next deck, which supports scaffolded and sustainable growth.
Another unique feature of StellarGRE Vocabulary Flashcards is the ability to sit for an unlimited number of randomly-generated quiz questions. These questions are populated with content culled from unlocked flashcard decks, and they assume several different
formats in order to test student retention and comprehension from multiple different angles. The quiz questions help to consolidate the relevant information in students' memories, preventing students from falling into the rut of endless flashcard flipping.
This app contains over 1500 GRE-level vocabulary words, and is completely free to all interested students. We're confident that it will allow students to learn more words in a fraction of the time of other methods. See for yourself! And if working smarter (not harder) appeals to you, be sure to check out our full-length, comprehensive GRE self- study program, where you can learn thousands of similarly effective hacks to hit your target score as quickly as possible. You can get started for free at
Key features of StellarGRE Vocabulary Flashcards include:
▪ Over 1500 GRE-level vocabulary words grouped into “semantic clusters” of similar meaning
▪ Interactive flashcard decks designed to track and facilitate mastery
▪ Unlimited randomly-generated quiz questions to consolidate unlocked content ▪ Ability to reset decks an unlimited number of times to create an evergreen
▪ Completely free of charge
Download StellarGRE Vocabulary Flashcards today, and Shine Brighter!
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