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The Essential Landing Zone System (ELZS) is a method for calculating the approximate landing zone when chipping and pitching the golf ball onto the green to the hole. ELZS is proven to drastically improve your short game and lower your average score on any course.

The ELZS app includes:

- Landing Zone Calculator
- Golf Course Directory
- Detailed Instruction Manual

Golfers around the US are using ELZS to:

- Lower their average score by improving their short game
- Increase accuracy knowing where to land the ball on the green
- Learn about chipping and pitching, landing zones, visualization and more
- Reduce stress and make the game of golf more fun

The ELZS process is easy, quick and informative; players at all levels can learn how to incorporate ELZS to enhance chipping and pitching performance into their game. After reading the instructions and having some valuable practice time around the short game practice facility, golfers will be equipped with a new skill set when chipping and pitching.

Here's a quote from the creator of ELZS, "As a former Golf Teaching Professional, I found that students enjoyed hitting balls with their driver and other clubs to see how far they could hit. They just loved to be on the range hitting golf balls, bucket after bucket. I explained to my students that the driver is used for only about 16% of all golf shots, but pitching, chipping, and putting made up around 47% of all shots. When the students shifted their allotment of practice time to the short game, they were thrilled at how much their accuracy and scores improved. Anyone who wants to be more accurate at chipping and pitching the golf ball to lower scores, must spend more time around the practice greens than on the range. It is an aspect of the game of golf that is often overlooked, but time well spent chipping and pitching will take any golfer to the next level."

We hope you enjoy the journey of a lifetime of improvement and lower scores with ELZS.
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Price: Бесплатно
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires 11.0 or later
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Size: 57.28 MB
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Release Date: 2022-12-08
Last Update: 2022-12-08
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