Night™・Sleep Sounds・Alarm
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Night™・Sleep Sounds・Alarm
Night™・Sleep Sounds・Alarm

Night™・Sleep Sounds・Alarm

Alarm Clock・White・Brown・Green

Developer: Make It Count LTD
App Size: 72.3 MB
Release Date: May 2, 2019
Price: FREE
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72.3 MB

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Welcome to Night™, an oasis of nocturnal tranquility and a gateway to a symphonic awakening tailored to your soul's desires.

Why just sleep when you can journey through the cosmos of tranquility? Night™ isn't just about hitting the hay. It's an expedition into the harmonious embrace of ancient frequencies. Delta waves for deep restoration and solfeggio sounds for spiritual tuning – our sleep symphony orchestrates your chakras into a ballet of inner peace.

Swap counting sheep for a lineup of celestial lullabies, white noise, and spiritual reverberations that don’t just seduce you into sleep – they transport you there. Our soundscapes are like lullabies for your soul, ensuring every night’s rest is a step toward emotional and cellular rejuvenation.

■ Nature Sounds
■ White Noise
■ Water Sounds
■ Restorative Sounds
■ Meditation Music
■ Isochronic Brainwaves
■ Solfeggio frequencies
■ Binaural beats
■ Healing music

Night™ is the high priest of dawn:

■ Dive into a sea of sleep sounds with Night™, where each wave and melody is crafted to lull you into a deep, restorative slumber.
■ Wake up with Spotify's endless library, selecting the vibes that resonate with you.
■ Greet the day with a crescendo as soft as a whisper, as welcoming as the morning sun.

For more details on our terms and conditions, please visit:

Download Night™ and redefine your snooze and rise. We're not just another sleep app, we're a lifestyle revolution. Say goodnight with Night™ and wake up to a world of spiritual splendor.
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Night™・Sleep Sounds・Alarm 5.1 Update
Jun 1, 2024 Version History
Hello Night™ Dreamers!Get ready for a magical update with Night™ 5.1! We've sprinkled some stardust and a touch of moonlight magic to enhance your sleep experience. Here's what's new:■ Seamless Sign-In: Added analytics for our new authentication provider views and logic. Now, your sign-in experience is smoother and more enlightening.■ Email Flexibility: You can now add or change your email directly in the settings. Adjusting your email is as easy as drifting into a deep sleep.■ Streamlined Onboarding: We've removed the trial screen during onboarding. You'll automatically see the paywall after personalizing your experience—no more interruptions, just pure nighttime bliss.■ Bug Busting: Fixed the annoying alarm popup bug when Spotify disconnects. Now, your wake-up routine will be as smooth as a lullaby.■ FAQ Refresh: We've updated our FAQs for clearer, more helpful answers. It's like having a night guide for all your queries.Update now and let Night™ 5.1 lull you into the best sleep ever. Sweet dreams!

~Make It Count LTD
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Price: FREE
Version: 5.1
Compatibility: Requires Requires iOS 15 or later
Size: 72.3 MB
Release Date: May 2, 2019
Last Update: Jun 1, 2024
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Make It Count LTD
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