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During the legendary defense of Stalingrad in late September 1942, an intelligence group led by Sergeant Pavlov seized a four-story building in the city center and entrenched in it. The building, later called the "Pavlov’s house", became an important stronghold, which reflected the fierce attacks of the enemy until the beginning of the Soviet counter-offensive.
For 58 days, 24 soldiers of different nationalities defended the house. And only very recently it became known about two more people whose names, as it turned out, were specially deleted from the list by the bodies of the Soviet state security.
The four-story house, which became famous during the Battle of Stalingrad, before the war was a residential building of the regional consumer union, located on Penzenskaya street, 61, on the main square of the city. He was considered one of the most prestigious in Stalingrad, he was surrounded by the elite House of signalmen, the House of NKVD workers. Specialists of industrial enterprises and party workers lived in the house. The house was built in such a way that a straight even road to the Volga led from it. It was this circumstance that became especially important in the days of battle.
Assessing the house as an important tactical defense unit, the Soviet command set the guardsmen of the 13th division of General Rodimtsev to capture and hold it firmly at all costs. A whole company went to storm it, only four people survived, including senior sergeant Yakov Pavlov, who headed the garrison. In complete encirclement, the four fighters repulsed the enemy’s attacks until finally help came to them.
Surprisingly, during that war, Hitler's divisions happened to take the capitals of states on the move. Over the weeks they dealt even with entire countries. But in Stalingrad for 58 days they could not take the usual four-story house, which was defended by a unit of Soviet soldiers.
One of the surviving defenders of the Pavlov’s House, Ivan Afanasyev recalled: "On October 3, 1942, the enemy began to storm our building. He tried to capture him at all costs, because this house was the key to the Volga in the area. Every day I had to repel several fierce attacks. For almost two months of defense at home, 24 people took part in it, but at the same time there were no more than 15 people in the garrison. Well, we put a lot of Nazis. "
It is noteworthy that on the operational map of the German commander of the Stalingrad grouping Paulus, "Pavlov’s house" was designated as a fortress.
All days of defense, the machine gun of corporal Ilya Voronov did not fall silent - and the fighter did not get a single scratch, although it was the machine gun points that were primarily suppressed by the enemy, to the nearest positions of which there were only twelve meters.
"The ammunition for the Pavlov’s house was delivered by boat," Voronov recalled in his last newspaper interview, "ten will go, and six will return." They ate burnt wheat, the guys climbed under the bullets through the wall of the warehouse to get it. Then I tied a couple of grenades to the lock on the doors of the warehouse, rushed. Yakov Pavlov, I remember, praised for his ingenuity, now, they say, our warehouse. We had no fear when they fought off the Germans in that house. Fatigue only. You shoot night and day, and then you dig another dugout, in which you hid from fires. Instead of a bed, they put cotton under themselves, with which the pipes were wrapped. But what a vacation there! Just lie down - the howl, the roar, the whistle starts again, everything collapses, rushes about ... But we were not afraid. Do not shoot - boring, shot - all the more fun. It was unpleasant when the German began to scribble without a break from a machine gun. It seems like an attack, although they are sitting in their holes. It was the Germans who wanted to panic in this way. But we did not panic.
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