Shocking Mankinds Misconceptions
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Shocking Mankinds Misconceptions
Shocking Mankinds Misconceptions

Shocking Mankinds Misconceptions

Read about the unbelievable mankind39s mistakes

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If we look into the encyclopedia, we learn that the "Greek", or liquid, fire is a kind of ancient napalm, a combustible mixture used for military purposes during the Middle Ages.
The Greek fire prototype was first allegedly used in 190 BC. e. while protecting the island of Rhodes. The enemies of the Greeks watched with fear as the fire ran straight through the water, burning wooden ships.
It is said that this "hellish" mixture, presumably consisting of crude oil, sulfur and oil, was invented in 673 BC. e. engineer and architect Kalinnik. He, apparently, also designed a special device - a "siphon" - for throwing an incendiary mixture. As the buoyant force, compressed air from bellows like blacksmiths was used.
Presumably, the maximum range of the siphons was 25–30 m, and then the fire spread through the water using wind or current. The historian Theophanes noted: "... In the year 673, the overthrowers of Christ took a great campaign. They sailed and hibernated in Cilicia. When Constantine IV learned about the approach of the Arabs, he prepared huge two-deck ships equipped with Greek fire ... Arabs were shocked. They fled in great fear ... "
Although the secret to the preparation of the "Greek fire", also called the "Kallinikos fire," was kept in strict secrecy, however, after the conquest of Constantinople the recipe apparently fell into the hands of the conquerors and gradually spread throughout Europe. "Greek fire" began to be used during the siege of fortresses. Some researchers, based on an analysis of Russian chronicles, believe that the "Greek fire" was familiar to the Rus and Polovets. It is believed that the warriors of Tamerlane also owned his secret.
The last mention of the use of "Greek fire" refers to the siege of Constantinople in 1453 by Mohammed II, when Turkish ships in the Golden Horn were burnt by the Byzantine garrison. However, with the proliferation of firearms based on gunpowder, in particular guns, the "Greek fire" lost its military significance.
That seems to be all that can be said about this ancient invention. However, how do you like this description:
"A powerful whirlwind arose ... It seemed that the Sun was approaching the Earth, the world, burned by a flame, was heated. Elephants and other animals, burned with the energy of this weapon, raced, trying to escape ... Even the water became so hot that it burned all the living creatures inside it ... The enemy’s soldiers fell like trees fallen in a frantic fire, fighting elephants fell to the ground and wildly roared from pain ... "So described in the ancient Indian epos" Mahabharata "- in the book" Karna Parva "- the use of some unknown weapons of unprecedented power at that time.
In another book - "Badha Parva" - it is said that "suddenly a substance similar to fire appeared, and even now the hills, rivers and trees, as well as all kinds of plants and herbs, are covered with bubbles, turn to ashes."
And finally, in "Musala Parva" there is a verse about the awakened consciousness that this terrible weapon is a threat to the whole world: "After painful deliberation, the Ruler ordered to destroy the Iron Lightning, break it into pieces and grind it into powder ..."
Some of the researchers - for example, a supporter of the hypothesis of paleocontacts of earthlings with aliens Erich von Deniken - believe that such weapons were used in wars with primitive inhabitants of the Earth by highly developed aliens from outer space. And this is nothing more than tactical bombs and missiles with nuclear warheads.
However, let us temporarily try to leave the aliens alone and dispense with their intervention in this case. A number of more or less conscientious researchers of the past rightly note that traces of the high-temperature effects of strange nature are found in the ruins of ancient cities and fortresses in Babylonia (the territory of modern Iraq), in Hattus (Turkey) and in other places, and could have a different reason than nuclear explosion.
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